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Dark Knight Rises

Here’s your regular open thread to discuss all things happening in geek culture and beyond (that I’m not already covering elsewhere on the site)!

I’ll start us off. I recently made my way through two seasons of Syfy’s Dark Matter (loved it!) and am now working on Killjoys. Anyone watch those?

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  1. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    Out of curiosity, what is peoples experiences with Wonder Woman here?

  2. It took me entirely too long to realize I could post images here.

  3. That Which Dreams says:

    Here you go, boys & girls.

  4. I liked the first season of Killjoys. But, I binged it after it was aired, and I decided to do the same with S2, so I’m waiting for the season to finish.

    I have yet to start Dark Matter, and I heard Roger Cross is on it (I loved him on Continuum), so I definitely need to watch it!

  5. It’s weird. I was really into Dark Matter season 1 & found Killjoys boring. Now Killjoys season 2 is engaging & Dark Matter is treading water.

  6. That Which Dreams says:

    The Carmilla season three teaser trailer is up.

  7. Alan Izar says:

    Stranger Things season 2 confirmed =D

  8. Wheelchair says:



  10. Alan Izar says:

    Barb from Stranger Things joins Riverdale.

  11. lev36 says:

    Haven’t caught the second season of Dark Matter yet, but looking forward to it.

  12. KinouMenthe says:

    I love Dark Matter ! I still have to watch Killjoys though.

  13. Alan Izar says:

    The AVClub did a list of 10 episodes of Charmed that are about what was supposed to be the mantra of the show (“Three sisters who happen to be witches, not three witches who happen to be sisters”), and while it’s a good list, it has sparked a decent conversation over there.

    This post is not about that. This post is about the fact that they found the “What a Night” promo theWB had back in 2000.


    IT’S GLORIOUS (and TheCW should totally do a new one, though it’ll be filled with actors in superhero suits)

  14. I’m Chinese fooded to an unsafe degree which has kept me awake long enough to post the new page of the comic! Which makes me very happy. And that’s all. Oh, Dark Matters: not a fan. Penny Dreadful…okay so far? But…nothing is holding my interest.

    • Howard_Bannister says:

      Have you tried Stranger Things? The first two episodes were really, really compelling.

      I liked Dark Matter, season 1, but I can’t shake the feeling that every time they unlock a mystery, the show gets smaller. A lot of promise fizzling a little bit. I’m not sure how well it’ll hold up over time. Mystery-based shows kind of have to have the mystery together from the very beginning or it doesn’t hold up. That was the big difference between Veronica Mars seasons 1 and … the others.

      • Oh, man…the first mystery was so strong and Veronica was So invested…there was no good way to follow it.

        But Stranger Things was good. Yeah, I watched and binged. Couldn’t help myself: that Stephen King/Spielberg spot is too sweet to resist.

  15. Rick Bman says:

    Anyone going to the Star Trek Convention in NY this coming weekend? I am working at it Saturday and Sunday, but I’ll be spending Friday just exploring the con… in my first attempt at cosplay.

  16. Home today. Didn’t sleep last night. Could now, but…would throw my schedule off even worse, so…going to eat leftover Chinese, watch Death Sentence, and prepare today’s page of Starfall for release.

  17. I watched the pilot of Killjoys, and it seemed… interesting. It needed a lot more fleshing out to really keep my interest, TBH, and I got distracted by Wynona Earp.