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For those new to TheNerdyBird.com, this is an open thread to talk about anything I haven’t already posted on the site. Have fun with your fellow fans!

Here’s something I’d like to bring your attention to this week…

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  1. That Which Dreams says:

    Jill, I believe that you’ve been waiting for this.

  2. […] I probably won’t put up something like this every week (you’ve still got the Speak, Nerd, and Enter! threads if you need a place to chat) but tell me what you thought. Post-Twitter chatter seemed fairly […]

  3. The reissue of 6″ Rey & BB-8 now includes a lightsaber in case you didn’t want the K-Mart version that had one.

  4. Why can I not obtain a reproduction of this Venezuelan Maria Lionza statue? http://www.useche.com.br/upload/raizes/conteudo/Icone-de-Caracas_2013523133717.jpg

  5. That Which Dreams says:

    According to a synopsis for a future episode of The Flash, Jesse Quick will be suiting up as a speedster.

    • MisterShoebox says:

      *Achoo!* (Inner thoughts): “Oh, God! There’s spit everywhere! It’s in my mouth! Why did I choose to wear something that covered my nose! I can smell my own morning breath! Oh, crap, they’re looking at me! Say something badass to avoid the awkward, Scandal!”

      “….The dark night comes…”

      Good Save, Scandal!

  6. Ssso, we started a Patreon yesterday. We have day jobs but Val (the artist) is looking to For Reals enter the game, which is…nerve racking and scary and I salute her early twenty-something gumption with all the wisdom and creaky butt bones of my thirty years.

    Anyway, sharing that bit of backstory to say: we have two Patrons, a grand total of four dollars, and I have never been so happy in my life. I almost cried. Oh my goggles, people like me. ;_;

  7. SDCC revealed that the next series of X-Men Legends will be Polaris,
    Dazzler, Sunfire, Colossus, & Cyclops with a Warlock BAF. If it’s an
    8 figure series, who do think the remaining three figures will be be?

    probable categories

    a. unproduced ptototypes
    Dani Moonstar
    Multiple Man
    Storm (first appearance)
    Silver Samurai
    Rogue (Legacy)
    Cyclops (Phoenix)
    Gambit (yellow & blue)

    b. repainted convention exclusive

    c. Wolverine
    yellow & blue
    orange & black
    Old Man Logan

    d. new version of a non-Wolverine character

    e. brand new character that doesn’t require much tooling like Magma or Black Tom

  8. SpottedSeaJelly says:

    Just registered to vote (I wasn’t registered due to having moved into a different apartment within the same complex, and that counted as a change of address)

    Also, if Jill hasn’t seen it, here’s The Rock and Lin-Manuel Miranda fanboying over each other.

  9. Is it ever possible for cats & humans to truly be friends?

  10. WheelchairNinja says:


    Dear well-meaning but depressingly uninformed bipeds: Congratulations. You’ve managed to actually made me glad that I’m visibly deformed and can’t stand long enough to pull up my own pants: https://usodep.blogs.govdelivery.com/2012/10/31/dont-judge-by-appearances/

  11. Good morning! I have no chill and no way to segue into this…I’m not including a link (you can ask, of course, obviously) because this isn’t about that. I just. I’m. Gushing. I don’t even care what my OWN webcomic is about anymore, the art is just so good that I make weird animal noises when I see it. I am. So. God. Why. How. Why.

    Woof. Okay, so this is from the new page. LOOK AT WHAT SHE CAN DO. Am I just easily impressed?


  12. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    Hmm….I wonder if there are any good kickstarting ventures right now…

  13. That Which Dreams says:

    I wish I had this sales skill.

  14. That Which Dreams says:

    Just for you, Jill.