Speak, Nerd, and Enter!



For those who don’t get the reference, start here and just keep watching forever.

Anyway, how’s everyone doing this week? What are you watching/reading? My birthday is next Wednesday but I’m not planning anything because having a December birthday is a get-together curse. :P

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  1. So… Has anyone read yesterday’s Batgirl and the Birds of Prey? How are we feeling about this?

    • WheelchairNinja says:

      Saw the news on io9. Sorely tempted to restart my old Oracle fan site to rant about it. “Thanks, DC. You took a character that you’ve screwed over both figuratively and darn near literally and turned her old **coughBETTERcough** hero persona into a cringey, stalkerish parody of her fans.” Not that anyone (present company excluded) ever actually read my fan site… ;)

      • For the time being, I’m very loosely trying to give them the benefit of the doubt; I haven’t read the issue yet (I have read the rest of the series), just the spoilers of it and I’m not certain that the dude is officially becoming Oracle yet. It looks like it and I’ll be pissed if it happens, but I will say the writers so far definitely feel like they’re big fans of the Simone run and they’ve had the best handle on all three of these characters’ voices since the New 52 hit, so this could be a momentary ruse (I’m vainly holding out hope it is).

        Ultimately, I will never really be happy with the idea of someone other than Barbara as Oracle, because she just brings so much more to the role than any other replacement character can, but if they had to have a new Oracle (or someone filling the Oracle role) Frankie from the Batgirl run was a much, much better choice than whoever this dude is.

  2. VindicaSean says:

    So, relevant to the Christmas season (and to Jill’s interests), I wrote about how Batman Returns is a Christmas movie for the isolated (despite few people really considering it a Christmas movie): http://www.talkfilmsociety.com/columns/12-days-of-x-mas-batman-returns

  3. Zatar says:

    Happy Date of Birth!

  4. WheelchairNinja says:

    What a glorious time to be alive…

  5. This week…has improved so dramatically (if you ignore the US government’s collapse beneath Trump’s acidic sweat and jelly).

    The Homecoming trailer(s), the Dump Star Wars tweets! I had an epiphany a few days ago and began outlining a brand new chapter 3, so when our alarming hiatus is open I’ll be able to somewhat soft reboot Starfall and launch in an all direction with what I hope is a decent twist at the end. AND possibly, I’ll have a miniseries running alongside it? And…god, all the creative things. I’m going to pitch a comic this weekend, as well. Like I said. Much better week.

  6. Evelyn Starshine says:

    cats > not cats

  7. Clinton says:

    Still shipping Ray and Mick.

  8. lev36 says:

    Watching Archer because I’m doing a brawler-build run through of Fallout 4 as Pam Poovey (even got the tattoo on the back!) so I can get better ideas of how she would deal with life in the Commonwealth wasteland. Keeping up with Supergirl and Steven Universe every week. Re-reading Sara Davidson’s Loose Change and Tolkien’s essay “On Fairy Stories”.

    As for how I’m doing, well, later today I’m going to the opening session of a group therapy series for folks traumatized by the election (I kid you not; they are starting one up at my local Kaiser facility). And wishing my body could still handle alcohol.

    So, keeping body and soul together, as they say,