Speak, Nerd, and Enter!


I will put up a separate open thread for Rogue One chatter later but it was time to roll out a new Speak, Nerd, and Enter!

It’s that time of year…winter in New York City. This is me.


How are you?

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  1. New Year’s plans anyone?

    • WheelchairNinja says:

      For me it’s going to be the annual tradition of Nerd Christmas–when my friends and I get together to exchange gifts and watch a (usually offbeat) Christmas movie. (I’m hoping for Hogfather, but it may end up being one of the Doctor Who Christmas specials.) Our schedules are usually too busy to do it before Christmas, so it inevitably ends up getting pushed back a week or two. This year in addition to gifts I’m bringing a growler of peppermint porter from the ONE brewery I found on my family’s trip to wine country.

      • WheelchairNinja says:

        Update: We went with the Star Wars Holiday Special, which somehow none of us had ever seen. It was… indescribable.

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who celebrate! It’ll likely be slow around here the next week so I hope you all take good care of yourselves! <3

  3. Next week is my 100th blog entry! This is the part where you suggest what happens in a 100th blog!

  4. Due to some current sales I took the plunge on Lego Dimensions and fell down the rabbit hole hard this weekend. Nostalgia should be a controlled substance.

    • What is that like compared to the regular LEGO video games?

      • Pretty much identical gameplay style! Some elements I find a little buggy, but the puzzle element is really unique (not too hard because Lego, but still fun), moving characters from one section of the toy pad to another. It has a lot of polish, and I geek out with some of the crossover character dialogue. “E.T. phone… Batman!” Supergirl: “Didn’t I pass your home planet on the way to Earth?” (when Dr. Who or ET are nearby). The powers are pretty fun, the story is great, and mixing and matching all the properties is a lot of fun. When the Joker attacks Springfield (Simpsons!) I realized just how much fun it could be!

        I also just watched this trailer which came out a while ago, but geeked out so many times during it, I lost count:


      • Oh, and naturally, way more expensive. The guilt hasn’t hit me yet though, so….

  5. WheelchairNinja says:

    Did some shopping after seeing Rogue One, a rarity for me these days. I’d been meaning to look into Legend of Wonder Woman, but hearing the new series had been cancelled gave me the push to finally pick up a copy of the now-complete hardback collection. Then I went to Hot Topic (I know, I know, but until Thinkgeek has retail stores in every mall it’s the best I can do) and found Dragonball Z socks and Gryffindor slippers for my brother for Christmas. The kid wants to joke that he wants fuzzy socks, that’s what he’s gonna get. They also had Star Wars plushies on sale, so I got a stuffed tauntaun for my friend’s toddler.

  6. Ahhh, okay, unable to talk about Rogue One just yet, some questions to tide us over.
    How’d everyone fair against the “polar vortex”?
    With every breath, it feels like I’m giving myself an ice cream headache.
    What are you working on, if you’re working on anything?
    I’m finally writing chapter 3 of my webcomic and I have two or three artists making some art for in the meantime. We should be starting up again in January and I am so thankful and happy with the reception it’s had so far and everyone’s patience with my befuddlement post election.
    Has anyone seen The Oa yet? Laura’s insisting we watch every Christmas movie there is before we start it, so I’m grinding my teeth and trying my best to seem like I’m not enjoying Home Alone.

    • WheelchairNinja says:

      1: Staying inside as much as possible, clutching large, steaming mugs of tea. Hoping the road isn’t icy tomorrow, ‘cus for some reason whenever you slide into a ditch there’s never any room to get your wheelchair lift open and you’re trapped until help arrives. Rather inconvenient…

      2: Working on homemade truffles. I plan to give some to my coworkers for Christmas. I am a good friend to have. ;)

      3: Not really interested in a show about the homeworld of the Green Lantern Corps, even if it is on Netflix. ;) And come on, you’re allowed to like Home Alone. It’s good cheesy fun, plus the music is proto-Harry Potter, what with being a Chris Columbus/John Williams production.

    • VindicaSean says:

      Well most recently, I got an article up on Talk Film Society about how Batman Returns is really a Christmas movie in disguise, meant for those who don’t have anyone at the holidays: http://www.talkfilmsociety.com/columns/12-days-of-x-mas-batman-returns

      I’ve also got another piece in the pike that’s a listicle of movies that involve organ theft, which I’m using to work through the stress of becoming a kidney donor for a relative (and there’s a LOT of stress, believe me).

      • True and thanks! It feels great to finally be at it again. I’ll check out that Batman Returns article! It sounds like an interesting read on it. As for your kidney donorship…I’ve never done anything that altruistic. I bet most of us haven’t. Good luck, I hope everything turns out OK. That’s amazing of you.

        • VindicaSean says:

          Thank you! I don’t really see it this Big Altruistic Thing– I’m just taking care of family.

    • We watched 2 episodes of Oa today, so far so good. I’m a fan of Brit Marling so I’ll watch pretty much anything with her.

      We had snow accumulate yesterday, woke up this morning to 60 degree weather! O.o

      • Funny about the snow…today, the roads are completely clear, but yesterday we headed out for one little errand (Laura’s grandmother has a lung infection, so she was admitted for observation and we kept her company for a bit) and the road was bad enough that I spun out off the road and bashed right over one of those metal reflector pole things. >_> If we’d waited a day…

        As for The OA, I’ll be interested to know what you think. We finished it today and…well, you’ll see. We’re fans of Brit Marling’s work, too, and it definitely fits into that library.

        • Nooooo! Are you guys ok?

          • Yeah, just rattled! The car is dented, so I’ll have to see about that $_$ too, but it was…the most pleasant terrifying crash I’ve ever been involved in.

            The best bit, though: I was barely out of the car and someone stopped to ask if we were OK and to call us a tow. I told him I thought I might try to push it out. A moment later, as I’m trying and making barely any progress, two more cars stop and some guys get out and put their shoulders into it without even being asked. Laura drove and we had it out in no time. The guys left, the first guy left after apologizing for not helping (his leg was in a walking cast), and we were home in a flash.

            Three awesome strangers saved the day.