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Pulling out some deep cuts from The Nerdy Bird image archives for this week’s Speak, Nerd, and Enter!

This is your regular spot to chat with other fans about anything under the sun (that I’m not already covering). What’s up, everyone? Of course feel free to continue your current discussions on the previous open thread but here’s where you should start all new ones.

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41 Responses to “Speak, Nerd, and Enter!”

  1. Pontifex says:

    Found some BAMF Girls Club eps I hadn’t seen on YouTube. Damn, they’re good.
    I just finished ep 13 “Doctor Who”, in which the Doctor invades the BAMF house, and Bella, Hermione, and Lizbeth attempt to become his Companion.
    The best part, though is when the Doctor addresses the camera, says “I could regenerate into a woman one day”, and the cameraman stars laughing.
    The worst part, of course, is Bella pining for the fjords Edward even in her sleep.

    On to the next…

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  3. Alan Izar says:

    Anybody up for Penny Dreadful – Good and Evil Braided Be?

    BTW, that has to be a quote from something, there’s no way it isn’t a quote from something.

    • Aeryl says:

      I’m told Melville.

      Malcolm and Tekuenay must have Baelish’s Orb of Fast Travel because DAMN. I loved Tekuenay’s face though when Malcolm went looking for ally cookies on the train.

      I’m glad this season’s padded room scenes are a flashback, I was going to be DISAPPOINTED if Sewald sent her back to an asylum.

      I have a feeling Clare stealing from people to give his family stuff is going to end badly for them. I’m also pretty sure Vanessa is responsible for his death, one way or another.

      Hecate, He’s Just Not That Into You.

      Those sheets are ruined. And that would have just been sticky, not all slippery the way they filmed it. Dorian better pay his servants a cut above prevailing wage here.

      So Dracula’s minions are off mission here? When they go stalking Vanessa? Because he doesn’t seem too happy about it.

      • Alan Izar says:

        So you hang out at the AVClub too, huh?

        I kinda want to draw a timeline to try and make sense of all the travel or anything. Wanna talk about fast travel? How the fuck did Claire walk back from the North Pole to London in such a short period of time? BECAUSE HE WALKED. At least Sir Malcolm and Kaetenay (?) had ships.

        Malcolm standing up for his new friend was the best. Would’ve loved to see some bullets tho.

        Yeah, me too. I was really scared. I do like how we see Seward in the vision – as if she’s interacting. Maybe her past as the Cut Wife will emerge somewhat in these scenes.

        Claire, that was a dumb way to provide for your family. And yeah, three bucks and a bag of oreos Vanessa is responsible for however he died. Nice way to bring him into the fold tho (and thank god the writers gave up on nice guy TM Claire, this is much more easy to relate to).

        HAHAHAHAHA True. I also loved that Hecate is in her own buddy cop road trip while Ethan is surviving for his life. Also, I thought the Talbots were gonna be rich, but rich enough to have their estate show up in the map? That’s a huge amount of land and money to own, even at the time.

        I honestly went back to check on the stew I was cooking whenever the trio showed up. Seriously, Dorian, Lily, you two may be immortal, but Justine is gonna get a whole lot of diseases if you don’t clean up those messes.

        No. Nerd!Dracula ordered them to follow Vanessa everywhere – that’s why he knew she’d be at the museum, that’s why he knew to snare Rensfield, etc. What he didn’t order was to approach her – and head minion did so, since he was high on his master’s power and couldn’t resist taunting her. Big mistake – not only is now Vanessa aware that Dracula is in town (she didn’t suspect kid minion, remember?), but now she knows she has encountered him before – which is why she asked to be hypnotized. Whatever element of surprise Nerd!Dracula was going for, he’s lost it, which is why he ordered the minion to be the meal ticket.

        (I will not get tired of writing Nerd!Dracula when referring to this adaptation specifically).

        Also, remember that Dracula in general tends to be a theatrical fool. He’s so gonna make a big entrance but Vanessa will probably be “yeah yeah whatever”.

        I am interested in a theory posited in the AVClub about this Dracula looking for revenge. He said he lost his wife about a year ago, which (if the timelines match somewhat) was when Vanessa and company killed Mina. Ergo, it could be that he wants revenge on Vanessa, but he won’t be able to take it until she has given herself up to him.

        • Aeryl says:

          I think Mina is the wife he’s referring to, but I don’t think he’s that drug out about it, it just makes for a nicer story to spin to Vanessa. The whole reason for going after Mina in the first place was to lure Vanessa, her flashback episode in season one confirmed that.

          I do think he was trying to woo her in a more standard way, hoping to snare her before she realized who he was.

          • Alan Izar says:

            True. We’ll see.

            And I wouldn’t have minded another episode of Nerd!Dracula, honestly. He’s cute when he’s in that mode.

          • Jess_Witt says:

            I’m sure he’s not relinquishing being “sweet” any time soon.

      • Jess_Witt says:

        I’m going to use choice words from Malcolm’s talking-to with the racist cowboy in confrontational speeches, like “your rude inbred children”.

        • Aeryl says:

          “Does your wife enjoy your company?”

          Plus Tekuenay’s face when Malcolm looked at him for ally cookies.

          All during the blood soaked orgy, my husband kept a commentary.

          “That would just be sticky”

          “Do you have any idea how bad that would start to smell?”

          “Those sheets are ruined”

    • Jess_Witt says:

      Good call on Sweet from the last episode. Have a biscuit.

  4. the silver ravens says:

    Okay this is a question for anyone who is watching or has watched Arrow i don’t watch it any more but after a few episodes i started to skip the flashback stuff am i the only one who did this lol

  5. Why are links black instead of red here?

  6. the silver ravens says:

    There are rumors the original artist of rat queens is coming back not sure hot tow feel about that…

  7. VindicaSean says:

    Thanks to the How Did This Get Made podcast, I actually have people to talk to about the Roddy Piper movie Hell Comes To Frogtown. First saw it, heavily edited, on WPIX in NY back before it was even a WB affiliate, on a Saturday afternoon. They showed a lot of Cannon Films movies, back then. God, I sound old.

  8. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    Huh….Segas downsized but making profit thanks to not paying as much. And Square Enix is improvingi n sales…

  9. Jason Rye says:

    Io9 is reporting that Darwyn Cooke has passed on.

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  11. wondercube says:

    Sadly I do not know any billionaires with a penchant for funding nerdy blogs, but if I do find any I will send them your way.

  12. Alan Izar says:

    Still sad for the loss of Agent Carter.

    Thing is, F&B do not like Netflix. Otherwise Reaper would be there already.

  13. the silver ravens says:

    Finals over! i passed… i am just going to lay down now ;_;

    • Ezio Auditore da Firenze says:

      I still have to wait a whole week for my finals. Been studying up most of the week. :(

      • the silver ravens says:

        Good luck! i wish i had a week to study before my finals it was a horrible week too my dad had to go to the hospital for appendicitis (he is fine just bored cause he cant work) and i got sick as well

      • Kryptoknight says:

        Good luck!

    • Kryptoknight says:

      Just had my last one today as well. Feels good to be free for the summer.

    • Armageddon Quilt says:

      I am so glad to hear that! Excellent news!

    • Armageddon Quilt says:

      My finals are also over.
      Whether I passed or not remains to be seen…