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Apologies for getting the new Speak, Nerd, and Enter! up late but here’s your new spot to talk about anything and everything.

Been disconnected from entertainment news the last few days but I was sad to hear of actor Miguel Ferrer’s passing. Here’s an NY Times profile on his amazing body of work.

Editor Shelly Bond has put together an impressive lineup for a new comics anthology called Femme Magnifique. Comics Beat has more info.

I moderated a fun talk with Beautiful Creatures author Kami Garcia this week at Kinokuniya New York to celebrate the release of X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos [Editor’s Note: affiliate link] which you can purchase here along with the Scully book by Jonathan Maberry. And yes, I did wear my Mulder/Scully earrings. The store has put up a few pictures and I’ll update when/if they put up the video! I’ll admit to being skeptical of this “young Mulder” origin at first but I really enjoyed the story she came up with.

And just gonna leave this here…

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  1. On a different note, I am really sad that I just discovered how awesome the current Spider-Woman comic is right before it appears to be being cancelled. :/ Though this is her 40th anniversary, so here’s hoping it’s just yet another series renumbering (ugh, but I’ll take it) and she’ll be back in a few months.

  2. I am truly hoping this image doesn’t show 20 feet tall, but…I’ve been working on my webcomic for more than a year. It’s gone well, though we’ve had some bumps in the road (artists leaving, artists busy with day jobs, the writer having a crisis of conscience) and the Patreon is doing OK…

    So, I’m branching out with an all-ages spin-off set in the years prior to the start of Starfall. And I am immensely happy with the story so far. The new artist’s style is very expressive, very appropriate. I’m having a ball. And the cover is this nutty tapestry that I wanted to share a snippet of. So, here it is.


  3. VindicaSean says:

    Had to come back here and say HOLY WOW, Split is the real deal. Assuaging concerns about how it handles mental health issues would spoil the hell out of the movie, but I *can* say that it’s a little more nuanced than people have given it some credit for. But go in as blindly as you can.

  4. Miguel Ferrer will be missed. His voice talent work, and of course, the place where I knew him best: Robocop, an essential piece of my nostalgic formative years. 61 is far too young.

    Meanwhile, most of my nerdy news sites have been overrun with decidedly non-nerdy political stuff to the point where I’m debating going offline for a while until it all dies down. It has been an exhausting year or so, and I did all my political mourning back in Spring with the tragic primaries results, so I’m ready to move on with my life.

    Finally read volume 4 of the amazing Wicked+Divine, not sure why I waited so long, honestly, it’s simply one of the top titles being produced right now in comics! Vol 2 of Paper Girls and Vol 4 of Black Science are next, along with my backlogged stack of floppies.

    Also looking forward to tackling the stack of unread novels and non-fiction that I’ve been putting off. Bernie Sander’s “Our Revolution”, the first book in the Expanse series, and some classics I’ve never gotten around to like Dune and Foundation await.

    2017 is a good year for escapism, tbh. Spending the last 15 years wailing and gnashing teeth over the sh*t path this country has been on has frankly, burned me out, and I’ll be checking out a bit more often for my own sanity.

    • WheelchairNinja says:

      Meanwhile, most of my nerdy news sites have been overrun with decidedly non-nerdy political stuff to the point where I’m debating going offline for a while until it all dies down.

      This. So, so much. It’s gotten to the point where I created a custom bookmark for The MotherShip that only shows articles that don’t include the names of the 44th and 45th Presidents.

  5. WheelchairNinja says:

    So I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but if you’re not watching Speechless OH MY GOODNESS YOU NEED TO BE WATCHING SPEECHLESS! Last week’s episode was the best so far–they straight-up talked about inspiration porn and showed how obnoxious it is. I never would have expected this kind of disability comedy from a network TV sitcom.

    And speaking of inspiration porn, I found this photo of the woman who came up with the term–the late Stella Young. Her shirt is absolutely perfect and I wish it were the kind of thing I could wear: http://cdn.mamamia.com.au/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/01082418/10676177_10152489765988036_5729948708177737941_n.jpg

    • Ok but also, DAT FABULOUS HAIR

    • But yes, Speechless keeps surprising me. So, so great.

      • WheelchairNinja says:

        I cheered and punched the air the first time they mentioned insperation porn. And the little brother’s speech when they meta-referenced Stella’s original article by him going “My brother shows that the only disability in life is a bad attitude” proves how they’re actually doing their research instead of just throwing out buzzwords.

  6. Well, here we are. I can’t believe we have to spend the next [insert speculative amount of time here] holding our breath.

  7. VindicaSean says:

    The site I’ve been writing for is gaining traffic (still no money, since we don’t run ads and don’t have any kind of Patreon or such), and this past week we ran a series called Apocalypse Right Now (wonder why *chin-stroking emoji*). I managed to get the prime spot for yesterday, writing about The Dead Zone and it’s parallels with…certain recent events. The whole series is worth a look.

    I also got my first legit screener as a reviewer, which feels more like “making it” than getting a paycheck for it (that check wasn’t much when I *did* get it).