Speak, Nerd, and Enter!

TheNerdyBird.com’s open thread to talk about anything under the sun we aren’t already writing about. What’s up this week?

Heard some serious scuttlebutt you might be interested in…


24 Responses to “Speak, Nerd, and Enter!”

  1. That Which Dreams says:

    The Flash/Supergirl musical episode might be set in the 40’s.

  2. Oh hey, I meant to mention and then forgot. Disqus is changing how they do thing. Originally you could opt out of ads in the comment section but now if you want ad-free you need to pay $10 a month. Here’s the gist:

    “Starting Febuary 8, publishers running the free-to-use version of Disqus will be supported by advertising. If ads are not a good fit for your site, we now offer a version that gives you the option to remove advertising altogether for a monthly subscription of $10.”

    I get the need but it seems a bit steep (and maybe also a bit like blackmail??) but I’m going to wait to see what it actually looks like in practice. If it’s super intrusive I’ll figure something out.

  3. WheelchairNinja says:

    Awesome preview of a toy dancing baby Groot from GotG2–and it tells us one of the songs that’s going to be on the Awesome Mix Vol. 2!! http://ew.com/movies/2017/02/01/baby-groot-guardians-galaxy-toy/

    In personal news my employer got bought out this week, so that’s fun. So far everything’s stayed the same, but while they’re unlikely to move the job to China changes are a’ comin’. *Really* glad I wasn’t planning on making a career out of the newspaper industry…

  4. Cool news: I’m going to be a guest on the official Star Trek podcast soon. Will share that as soon as it’s up!

  5. Well, we’re two weeks into the administration from Hell and my wife started rewatching Rescue Me. Two episodes in, we’re two for two on episodes that have jokes at Trump’s expense. I’m kind of delighted.

  6. VindicaSean says:

    That list I mentioned a few weeks back, about organ theft in film, finally went up. It’s a pretty personal piece for me, since I’m becoming an organ donor and used it to work through some anxiety I had about the process. It’s also fairly varied for such a limited listicle topic: http://www.talkfilmsociety.com/articles/more-personal-than-an-arm-and-a-leg-organ-theft-in-film

  7. I will get anything and everything BioWare, no lie.