Speak, Nerd, and Enter!

Trying not to go into complete meltdown mode, how about you?

Went to see Aladdin on Broadway this past weekend as an early Valentine’s Day celebration with my honey. Mom and dad had gotten us the tickets for Christmas because I’d wanted to see that one for a while. Good timing, too because James Monroe Iglehart (who played Genie) is leaving the show this month to play Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton. Fun show but we came home and watched the animated film right after so I could sing along.

Remember I told you I was a guest on Engage, the official Star Trek podcast? That’s now up for your listening pleasure!

You can also listen on the Star Trek site itself (linked above), iTunes, or download to listen whenever! And here I am with host Jordon Hoffman, who I’ve known for years but only just me in person for the first time when we recorded this.

So, what geeky stuff are you doing lately?

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  1. WheelchairNinja says:

    **listens halfway through podcast** Wait, it’s pronounced “DIS-kuss”? I’ve been reading it as “dis-CUS” for years… o_O

    • That Which Dreams says:

      It IS discuss. As in an electronic way to discuss things.

    • Hunh! I’ve always pronounced it “DIS-kuss” too, for years and years now. Like, I know it’s supposed to be like the word “discuss” I just pronounced it that way to distinguish that I’m talking about the platform.

    • I…feel weird that I never even thought about that. I also never heard it spoken out loud until I was at TMS so I guess none of us thought about it either??? But I just went to Disqus’ youtube page to hear someone from their company say it and you’re obviously right, it’s Dis-cus. o_O

  2. In mild agony due to slow boil of both my webcomics and art-related difficulties, but should finally be back on track soon. But at least the world is starting to be less insane? Trump’ll be out within a year or so, and we’ll just have to deal with a conservative government rather than a crazy one.

  3. Saw John Wick 2 this weekend! Good times. Had to laugh though as the big Rome set piece felt in some ways identical to the Rome stuff in Zoolander 2, lol.

    Lego Batman is still a must-see for me but might not happen this week. Hopefully it does!

    In political news, I’m seriously disturbed not only by the terrorist behavior of Antifa, but by the huge support it seems to be getting from people I thought better of on the left. Since I identify as a liberal and believe wholeheartedly that violence is not EVER a proper response to speech (no matter how ugly the speech), this has been a profoundly disturbing couple of weeks. The names I’ve been called because of my true liberal non-violence positions this week are as disgusting as anything I’ve ever heard come from the right. We need to clean up our house of this regressive hate, or we’ve lost the moral high ground in the battlefield of ideas. Makes my heart absolutely sick.

  4. This weekend I went ahead and watched The Arrival. Honestly, that movie is one of the best pieces of scifi I have ever watched. The trailers don’t do it justice at all. Go watch!

    • We couldn’t get out to theaters for it so we wound up just buying it so I’ll be able to watch at home soon. :)

      • Yesssssss sooo goooood. Do iiiiiit. It’s very much like Contact, but good.

        (okay, full disclosure, I liked Contact, but probably because I read the book first so the ending didn’t throw me off.)



          • We watched last night and I very much enjoyed it! I was able to go in spoiler free so I had no idea about the main plot point of it all. That was great.

          • YES! I had to restrain myself very, very much not to say anything about it other than “It’s like Contact but better.” Suuuuuuuch a good film.

          • Jason Clark says:

            I uh

          • Jason Clark says:

            I also should delete my other account. I don’t want to litter your comment section with spam when it’s clear people are unable or unwilling to have a discussion outside of their bias. I’m guilty of this to, make no mistake.

            I don’t my annoyance at being banned to be a lightning rod for drama. But my original two comments were literally just opinions.

            Anyways, again I was an ass after that point, and for that too I’m sorry. The alt. acct will be deleted within the hour.

          • I’m sorry…what?

          • Jason Clark says:

            Hate to interject in this manner but there’s literally no other way to reply to you. I was an asshole, I’m sorry, but I’ve enjoyed TMS’s drama/tv articles off and on for years and I didn’t think my opinions would be greeted with a ban—–when that’s all they were. Two comments. Two (likely less than 200 character comments) for a perma ban. So yes I was in fact banned, not blocked. Semantics aside.

            I’m not justifying being a prick but you did ban me and I’d appreciate if your or anyone else could consider unbanning me.

          • Okay, buddy. A couple of things here.
            1. I still did not ban you. I am not a staff member of TMS, so whether or not you got banned there had absolutely nothing to do with me.
            2. I blocked you there. I’m gonna block you here.
            3. I find the fact that you hunted me down on some other board that has nothing to do with TMS to be supremely creepy, so I’m gonna ask @JillPantozzi:disqus to ban you here, too, because this is not something decent people would do.

          • Oh yeah, they’re getting banned. This is stalker behavior and unacceptable. If you happen to read this Jason, when someone/someplace blocks/bans you, just accept it and move on.

          • And I want to apologize for TMS drama spilling over into your little slice of the internet, Jill. Especially in a thread about Arrival, which I still get tingly about, and will probably watch it again this weekend. :D

          • No worries, not your fault at all. Some people just don’t understand boundaries or that they aren’t entitled to your ear.

    • VindicaSean says:

      Now, when you say “The Arrival”, do you mean “Arrival,” with Amy Adams, or “The Arrival,” with Charlie Sheen? Both have merits, I just really, really like “Arrival”. So much so that I wrote it up (should be posting this week, actually).

    • VindicaSean says:

      Also, I made my case why it deserves Best Picture both for our site and really more in the general, Oscar sense, here (Don’t get me started on the injustice of Amy Adams not getting a nom): http://www.talkfilmsociety.com/articles/arrival