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I finally got to see my favorite film, The Fifth Element, on the big screen for the first time.

I started a hashtag for folks to share what Wonder Woman means to them…

It’s Mera! Colorful Mera!

Talked about the lack of Westworld merch a while back and here we finally are…

Idris Elba Funko!

And finally, a reminder!

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  1. That Which Dreams says:

    This season of Supergirl was a strangely disconcerted one. Kara’s messages to herself seemed to be at odds with what she did, the overarching seasonal story seemed to go back and forth, and several characters were way underutilized or their stories made no sense. I lay this all at the feet of the writers/producers/executives pushing one character: Mon-El. From the very first it was obvious that they wanted to have Mon-El and Kara be together. Whether that was the death of Kara/James or not is up for debate as a large portion of the viewership reacted negatively to Karolsen. Deprived of this aspect of the character, the writers floundered as to what to do with James. Other characters suffered just as much. With the increased screentime given to Mon-El, Alex, Maggie, and J’onn’s storylines were cut to the bone. What should have been major plot points for them were basically ignored after being spoken. M’gann was put in just a few episodes and then shipped back to Mars. Even Alex’s life changing coming out was handled, and then moved to the side. Indeed, in the later episodes the relationship between Alex and Maggie was given just a few minutes each episode at most, and Maggie was largely relegated to Alex’s love interest. The only character that actually made it out of this story hole was Lena. The increased time that the show focused on her, her relationship to Kara, and how that developed Kara as a person, was only to the show’s benefit. The story, however, didn’t fare as well as Lena. It seemed in the early episodes that the main villain of the season would be CADMUS, but for some reason this was largely dumped in favor of the Daxamites about halfway through the season. Allowing the Daxamites to become the big bad meant an increase in the importance of Mon-El to Supergirl. This resulted in strange story decisions, such as the disappearance of Jeremiah Danvers. But what suffered the worst was Kara/Supergirl. Mon-El was portrayed as a douchebro with really no redeeming features, and yet, Kara fell in love with him for some reason. This resulted in Kara becoming subservient to, and accepting of, Mon-El, despite his very obvious flaws. In order to do this the show had to go down some roads that were not only non-feminist (the show’s raison d’être), but went against things that Kara herself had specifically stated. When Kara said in season one that she needed to work at CatCo because her life as Kara was every bit as important as being Supergirl, in season two she said that maybe having Supergirl and Mon-El was enough. The terrible thing is that I don’t think that TPTB have learned their lesson. We all know that Mon-El will be returning next season, but the question is…why?

    • This is an EXCELLENT summary of the season! I am hoping the oddities were a result of the CW move and that things will settle better next season. When Cat returned I was thinking “You all better do everything you can to make her a regular again.”

      • That Which Dreams says:

        I think that it was a result of them firing Ali Adler, and that hasn’t changed.

    • WheelchairNinja says:

      Yeah, really glad I didn’t make time for it this year. It seems like my assessment of “watch the first two episodes when it hit Netflix (which it just did) then drop it like a rock” was correct. Pity. I really liked most of season one.

    • the silver ravens says:

      I feel like Kara and Mon-El have absolutely no chemistry. The pairing just felt wrong it and it reminded me of that season of Buffy where she dated that soldier dudebro.

  2. ⭐️Madame ⭐️ STARSHINE ⭐️ says:

    mera looks so awesome
    and comicbook

  3. WheelchairNinja says:

    Literally burst out laughing in the newsroom when I read this article about Jeffrey Dean Morgan driving an Indy 500 car and finally made the connection:


    Morgan shot to stardom with a recurring role on ABC’s show “Grey’s Anatomy,” and has appeared on shows ranging from “Supernatural” to the award-winning comedy series “Weeds” on Showtime.

    He also has appeared in several films, including the comedy “Watchman.”

    If you know anything about Watchmen, give it a minute—it’ll come to you…

    • Howard_Bannister says:

      Me: “Well, wait, that’s not right. That’s… wait a minute… oh. Oh! PFffff”


    So that was seriously out of left field, huh?

    I get that they wanted to throw a wrench in everything and leave the season on a cliffhanger but it just seemed so ridiculous after everything they’d just done. “Yay! Iris is alive. Ok I’m going to leave her now, SORRY, BABE!” They won’t do this but I’d love it if Grant Gustin was actually leaving, they gave the show to Wally for a season, then brought in Bart at the end of S4 to go “Hi, gramma,” to Iris and leave them all confused as to how she has children with Barry and bring him back sometime in S5.

  5. Last night’s episode of American Gods has finally hooked me. I don’t remember Shadow’s wife returning in the book (although my memory of Shadow as being as bland as a rice cake holds up), but Emily Browning was tops and I loved every bit of it, including all the body horror stuff that normally sends me running for the freaking hills.

    And Alien: Covenant was fine. About as crap as I expected it to be. With low expectations, it was a passable movie going experience.

    I’ll probably have more to throw at ya’all later…but I’ve got to get to work for a bit. And maybe find some time for webcomicing.

  6. VindicaSean says:

    Saw the new ALIEN movie tonight with my wife. Liked it a hell of a lot more than PROMETHEUS, and enjoyed how nihilistic and bleak it was. I barely paid attention to the marketing outside of the trailer, and honestly don’t get how people didn’t pick up on some of the stuff the movie was doing. But I also understand that because of its bleakness (it’s really effing bleak, people), a lot of people are gonna get turned off by it. I think it might actually make PROMETHEUS better for me. And I hated PROMETHEUS.

  7. Mark Wyman says:

    Eagerly awaiting the revival of the full-on 70’s Diana Prince look in the upcoming SummerOfWW cosplay. :)