Speak, Nerd, and Enter!

I’m flying the coop soon so here’s your new open thread to talk about me while I’m gone.

I mean, talk about what’s going on in the world while I’m gone. Obviously. Speaking of which…

The first Tomb Raider trailer…

David Tennant as a ginger.

“Red Sparrow.” Sure. Ok.

The new Hellboy, Stranger Things’ David Harbour, has been unleashed…

Speaking of which, the fine folks I work for at Skelton Crew have two limited edition Hellboy/B.P.R.D. pins up for grabs right now. They are super cool.

I just found this really funny for some reason.

This has been an incredible find.

Things have been rough lately…

But I got a very cool opportunity to visit L.A. and since my brother lives there I decided to give myself a little break and stay a while. The last time I was in L.A. I hung out with cool people…

Visited Hogwarts…

And the Parks Department of Pawnee…

Who knows where I will wind up this time?! Posting with be sporadic, better to keep up with me on Twitter most likely. Be excellent to each other.

21 Responses to “Speak, Nerd, and Enter!”

  1. That Which Dreams says:

    Starbuck and Starbuck at a Starbucks.

  2. MisterShoebox says:

    Well, just to piss myself off, I’ve been reading Conservapedia articles. Just to angry up the blood.

    It helped me brutalize some Raiders in Fallout: New Vegas, so there’s that. I used that rage in a constructive manner.

    Anyway, I have a job now! I’m a Courtesy Clerk at my local Giant. It’s my job to retrieve carts from the parking lot, to help customers with their shopping, to mop what needs mopping, and to make sure that things are shipshape. It’s awesome!

    How are folks?

    • Are people digging Orville? I haven’t been online as much the last week.

      • That Which Dreams says:

        There is definitely a large group of people that do. The first thing you have to realize about The Orville is that it’s a dramedy, not a comedy. It’s not a parody either, it’s more of an homage to Star Trek: the Next Generation. There is blood on the floor about which is the true inheritor, The Orville or Star Trek: Discovery.

      • superwolfkin says:

        ehh it’s not nearly as bad as it could be. At the risk of sounding like “Why they be cramming social justice in there?” I did not like the “gender” episode. The fact that everyone was an alien just completely broke the justification for me. Others might feel differently. Others might be genuinely moved. Some though might find it far too cheesy.

        But that arc aside. and the horrific pilot that feels like it was written by 18 writers who couldn’t keep the characters straight aside. it feels like Trek with humor. Not too much humor. Just humor. So far I say it’s working.

  3. That Which Dreams says:

    Crisis on Earth-X is the official Berlantiverse crossover. Show date is Nov. 27-28.

  4. That Which Dreams says:

    New poster. Still watching it on the high seas.

  5. Mooooooooooooose says:


    Just figured I’d post this here, since it’s probably of interest to a few people – the game accessibility guidelines have been updated for their 5th anniversary.

  6. WheelchairNinja says:

    Posting this here because it’s relevant to several of our interests, and my old Oracle fansite is deader than billionaire moms named Martha. ;-P

    So I found out about a play that was put on a few years ago called Retcontroversy about a former acrobatic superhero turned paralyzed information broker. (Sound familiar?) She finds out she’s going to be retconned to her pre-accident persona, (ringing any bells yet???) so to try and stop it she kidnapps the old version of herself!


    Obviously it’s far too late to go to the performance listed there, but they’re going to put it in in Chicago in November. https://www.otherworldtheatre.org/paragon There’s even a chance I might be able to go! (Depends if I can convince one of my local bipeds—aka friends or family—to go with.) You can download the script, so as much as I hate spoilers I think I’m gonna have to read through it to make sure it won’t be a disappointment *before* I spend a lot of money and gas to get there…

  7. There’s so much to talk about here! The Hellboy makeup looks almost exactly like Perlman’s (a bit improved?) and is the first thing that’s made me interested in seeing this. I’m sorry they’re doing away with the continuity of the first two and that Mike Mignola is such a premadonna, but maybe it’ll all work out.

    Red Sparrow is hilarious and reminds me of how much fun Bruce Willis looks like he’s having in the Death Wish trailer…another example of someone doing Marvel before Marvel does it? I know DW is a remake, but who cares.

    The Good Omens casting news was perfect. These first images? God. They look perfect -less like actors and more like the characters ported out of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s brains.

    Tomb Raider. Looks. Ridiculously. Good. And I can’t believe we live in a world where I’d give that franchise another hit. But I will. Can’t wait.

    And how many of you are going to bed with Thor ASMR? And why isn’t the series called “Going to Bed With Thor?”