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  2. Captain Z says:

    Mary Jo Pehl of MST3K needs help with this Kickstarter. All the former cast members and writers are involved but somehow it’s nowhere near funded.


  3. I had to scrawl a list of grievances against X-Men: Apocalypse on my dinner placemat like a professional. https://mattthecatania.wordpress.com/2016/05/29/x-men-apocalypse-has-a-shallow-gene-pool/

  4. VindicaSean says:

    Appropriate for the weekend (and for those of us who live in the US):

  5. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    So rumor has it that if Suicide Squad does well, Warner is kicking
    around the idea to green light a number of ensemble films starring
    characters like the Joker, and Captain Boomerang. Similar in nature to
    the Harley Quinn movie which will be introducing numerous female
    characters into the universe with the potential of spinoffs.

    I kinda wonder if this is their new plan.
    Makea movie with six or so characters, see who does well and give em a movie where they star with six or so characters, and so on ans so on.

    It would be pretty odd, but it would also be a delightful way of building a cinematic universe.
    Also, no word about a Deadshot spinoff, so im assuming he is being regarded as the main character of Suicide Squad, which would make sense.

  6. You’ve less than a week left to own a first edition of The Dolorous Adventure of Brother Banenose! A used unsigned copy is already selling for $71.60! https://mattthecatania.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/dc-on-tv-finales/ You can get a much more affordable brand new copy if you act meow!

  7. the silver ravens says:


  8. WheelchairNinja says:

    “Walking” challenge update: So I clipped the cheap pedometer from work to one of my spokes yesterday and it said that for the entire day I took 234 steps, or just about 12% of a mile. I actually counted and on a circuitous trip through half a building it only registered six steps. So that method’s out. Then today I went to the local bicycle shop to see if they had some kind of bike odometer. They did, and the guy spent half an hour with me setting it up and programming it for my wheel size and making sure it wouldn’t get in the way when my chair gets folded up. AND IT WORKS AMAZINGLY! It shows my speed and total distance and everything! I’ve got almost half a mile in three hours! Mega-thanks to SpottedSeaJelly for suggesting that method!

    • SpottedSeaJelly says:

      Glad that worked out so well. Also nice that the guy at the shop spent the time to help you get it all set up correctly since those can be kinda confusing to program correctly.

  9. My brother in law watched Arrow’s season finale. He said, and I quote “that’s the worst and most stupid thing I ever saw!”. In one hand, I’m glad I quit it, but, in the other, I now have a morbid curiosity about how bad was it…

    Anyone watched it? Thoughts?

    • someladyontheinternet says:

      So stupid. Spoilers…

      Spoilers start here:

      Damien Dahrk wants to blow up the world with nuclear missles because his wife died. His daughter is still alive, but he wants to blow her up anyway because life is pain or something. And this little girl is bizarrely okay with watching her dad just kill randos who show up to stop him.

      Felicity (and her evil hacker ex) are the only people in the world who can stop a nuclear missle. There is no government or military who can do this, apparently. Also, nuclear missles take two hours to get anywhere, have unlimited fuel to fly around wherever, and are perfectly safe detonating somewhere slightly away from major cities, or like, in the air above them or in the ocean just off the coast or something.

      Also, Oliver gives the most inspirational speeches EVER. He stops a random panicking crowd by standing on a taxi and yelling kinda loud. Also, there’s a news crew conveniently nearby to DROP EVERYTHING about this worldwide nuclear missle crisis to show Ollie’s inspirational speech. His speech goes, “Remember how this city survived that one catastrophe, and that other one, and that one and the one two days ago? Well, we can do it again! Because city! People! Caring! Hope! Something something!” And that makes everyone stop running away from the nuclear firey death that’s like five minutes from now and start yelling at Damien Dahrk. “GET OUTTA HERE!” (Not even paraphrasing that part) And this gives Ollie the power of Light/Hope and negates Dahrk’s power and Ollie stabs him with an arrow. Yep. One arrow.

      The flashbacks end with him also killing the Russian lady because she had turned evil and she begged him to, mercifully ending a completely pointless storyline.

      And then all the regulars (no really! all of them) leave town except for Ollie and Felicity. And Ollie is mayor now because his speech was that good.

      The End.


      • “Damien Dahrk wants to blow up the world with nuclear missles because his wife died.”

        hmm… where did I saw this story before? Oh, right, in Arrow’s S1 ¬¬

        And, geez, that is a whole new level of poor writing! If I ever, for some reason, decide to go back watching Arrow again, I’ll totally skip S4.

    • I did not care for it, then again, I was meh on most of the season. Particularly the flashbacks and Felicity’s story.

    • Zefram Mann says:

      I gave up a few episodes into Laura’s run as Black Cannery. The writers seemed to have made it their mission in life to make me not like her and wish for her sister back.

      Apparently the writers are the human equivalent of a monkey paw.

  10. Question: Which CW DC show (and I’m including Supergirl in this) had the best finale and/or season arc this year?

  11. VindicaSean says:

    Stumbled across this earlier and just finished reading through it. It’s a masterclass in top-shelf, long-form trolling (also, sociology of the internet, because it’s about lies in a wiki): http://www.geek.com/news/how-i-used-lies-about-a-cartoon-to-prove-history-is-meaningless-on-the-internet-1656188/

    • lev36 says:

      Oh my. And I thought I could trust everything I read on the intarwebs!

      Fascinating article. What Robert Anton Wilson would call guerrilla ontology.

      • VindicaSean says:

        Right? All from what started as good for laugh, and it’s entered (somewhat limited) collective false memory. Similar to how people swore up and down they saw Middle Eastern communities celebrating after 9/11 after Trump claimed he did last year. Despite it never having, y’know….happened.

    • SpottedSeaJelly says:

      Thanks for sharing that link, because it was a pretty interesting read.

      • VindicaSean says:

        I just love that it basically tracks the speed of cultural memory, framed in lies about *Street Sharks*.

        • SpottedSeaJelly says:

          The fact that most people probably only had vague memories of Street Sharks (mostly just remembering that it’s a thing that exists) probably made it even easier for people to be tricked into believing fake stuff about the show.

          • VindicaSean says:

            Makes me wonder how far one could take that. “In this episode of Bionic Six, the kids learn the lesson of mortality, as F.L.U.F.F.I. reaches the end of his product lifetime.”

          • SpottedSeaJelly says:

            Some shows do go so off the rails that crazy stuff like that would certainly seem feasible.

            It would be really interesting if someone could convince people that an entire fictional show actually existed. That would be even more impressive that just convincing them of fake facts about a real show.

          • VindicaSean says:

            I remember a creepypasta a couple years back about a morning kid’s show like Seasme Street, but the puppets got creepier til the show went off the air. It’s one of the few truly disturbing ‘pastas that I can recall.

          • someladyontheinternet says:

            Maybe “Candle Cove” by Kris Straub?

          • VindicaSean says:

            That’s the one.

  12. Chris says:

    I’m quite harried at work, but looking forward to this evening when I can sleep like the dead.

    • That Which Dreams says:

      I don’t know. From the TV shows and movies I’ve seen lately, the dead aren’t sleeping too well.

  13. That Which Dreams says:

    Scream, season two, starts on Monday.