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What do you want to talk about today?

I’ll start by saying how much I’m enjoying Syfy’s 12 Monkeys this season. I loved it last season but am so excited its kept up the pace and fantastic writing of female characters in Season 2.

What’s going on with you this week?

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  1. VindicaSean says:

    This one’s more for film geeks, but I just came across a link to 30 mins of footage and interview audio with Jerry Lewis about THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED, his now-infamous movie about a circus clown in a concentration camp. This is probably the ultimate lost movie for film fans, as Lewis himself hated it so famously that he bought the rights back from the studio, and locked the only known print in a vault, not to be released until after his death.

    What’s interesting about the clip is that it’s 30 mins of what sounds like German (perhaps Austrian) television footage and interview clips, interspersed with film footage and re-enacted scenes with what looks to be the actual actors several years older. If I understood German I’d be getting a lot more out of this but even so, this is a big deal.

    Link: https://vimeo.com/160821734

  2. That Which Dreams says:

    In the old Ron Perlman Beauty & the Beast, is Linda Hamilton a Furry?

    • bandit_queen says:

      It’s important not to project our contemporary cultural vocabulary on art of the past. Presentism elides contextual specificity and creates ahistorical interpretations that say more about us than about the object of criticism.

      …by which I mean I don’t want to think too hard about this question.

    • No. Because of reasons.

  3. SpottedSeaJelly says:

    Ever Oasis for the 3DS looks super adorable and reminds me of Fantasy Life in all the best possible ways https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lta4tQA9jA4

    Kinda wish they had covered it during Reggie’s little E3 intro yesterday. I feel like they should have given this a little more attention than just surprise revealing it during today’s Treehouse Live (since a lot of people probably stopped paying attention once they were done with all the LoZ coverage).

  4. Pontifex says:

    What is that pic?
    A still from “Thor Kids: the Series”?

    • Ha! Adventures in Babysitting! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092513/ The young girl LOVES Thor.

      • Pontifex says:

        Oh. The original. No wonder I didn’t recognize…
        Well, the woman Thor comics must be a bittersweet thing (“Why weren’t these there for me as a kid?”), but maybe she buys them for her daughter and they can read them together.

        I’ve been waiting for the original to roll around so I can finally see it. Do plan on watching the Disney TV version.

  5. Jess_Witt says:

    Penny Dreadful was something this week. Henry and Victor are really putting the BROS in Victorian Science Bros – and I mean that in a negative way.

    • Zefram Mann says:

      Ahh, I finally saw the first episode of the season while catching up on my DVR recordings. Shook my head when the American Indian scalped someone and called it an “old tradition”. It was actually introduced by the white settlers who hired the tribes to fight their proxy wars. The scalps were demanded as proof of kills for payment. Unless he was being hired to kill those people, it’s not really the same tradition at all.

      I suppose the series can’t get everything right, it’s just sad when the character seems to be such a departure from the borderline racist caricatures otherwise often seen in period pieces like this.

      • Jess_Witt says:

        I knew Native American scalping was a tired stereotype but your comment certainly explained its origins. Gratefully I don’t believe Kaetenay – the Cherokee – is steeped in these stereotypes later on and that scalping was a one-time thing.

      • Alan Izar says:

        While he did say old traditions the way he said it, to me, was with mockery. Like he was doing what was expected of him, not what he wanted to do.

        But maybe I’m reading too much into it.

    • Alan Izar says:

      During the first half of this episode I kept wishing for any other actor (preferrably David Tennant) to be playing Dorian, and then for the other half wishing for ONLY David Tennant playing Dorian. Because DAMN DANIEL Billie Piper had such power in her scenes – the graveyard, the dinner, Bedlam – Reeve Carney was minuscule compared to her, which is weird because this is the first time Carney had something to do with the character – and did it well! – but he couldn’t keep up. Maybe it’s that it was just too late for me to give a fuck about him.

      Science Bros for EW. Dorian’s smile was probably the creepiest thing, and Victor’s obsession has gone from creepy to vile. And what a hypocrite Jekyll is, being also looked down by Victorian society. Though I guess they’ve made the case for him wanting to suppress who he is. Boy they are all for a surprise.

      It seems the popular theory right now is that Lily will become Mrs. Hyde. I don’t think so – she is, after all, a resurrectee (word), and like Clare, she has extra strength. Victor may know of it but I am sure the other two don’t and she’ll escape, and in the fight Jekyll will be injected, unleashing Mr. Hyde.

      Personal Theory: Casting for this show is basically throwing you in a room with Eva Green, and if you survive the experience while in character, you get the role. I am sure they have a mountain of bodies somewhere for those who didn’t survive the experience.

      Because GOOD LORD. Eva Green IS a goddess walking among us. Her scene with Kaetenay (and kudos to Mr. Cudi for keeping up with her, he didn’t let her upstage him in the same way she didn’t let him upstage her) was both fascinating and horrible, like watching a trainwreck happen. Also Camargo, both in his Sweet persona (daylight) and finally confronting Vanessa (night at the museum) showed so much range with so little expressions, but they were all there. THEY WERE THERE. And the siren song he sang for her was so sweet, that’s why she embraced him. Even Perdita Weeks (Cat) held her ground against her.

      And yeah, Cat is totally the Time Traveler – no way would a Victorian woman walk around like she does. I’m surprised she hasn’t been thrown in prison for wearing improper fashions.

      I am worried about where Clare’s story will go. It seems that he hates to be back to life (which kinda reframes what he did to poor Proteus – he saved him from that destiny AND had his revenge on Victor) and I am sure his son will die, and his wife will force him to go back to Victor to resurrect him. Of course, Victor will be like NO since Lily will have fucked him up, and Clare will be murderous again. I don’t want that =(

      At this point I feel like Patti LuPone is just a checkpoint – like, we got to see Rensfield finally lose it, and she knows of the three identities within Vanessa, but the scene felt a bit out of place. Like, I wonder if Cat will approach her or something, because otherwise it feels like a waste of LuPone.


      • Jess_Witt says:

        Nice theories about Catriona (I was perplexed about her, guess that explains the pantaloons) and Lily (that floated through my head as well, but then what becomes of Dr. Jekyll?).

        I worry about Mr. Clare, too. All those happy endings and I know something bad will happen. We don’t even know his real name yet?!

        Two hours! I forgot about that. Thanks a bunch.

  6. I shouldn’t be sharing this but I’m DYING to share this.


    The artist I’m working on just sent me the line art for the next page and it’s absolutely astounding to me. I’ve been working on the comic ( http://www.starfallwebcomic.com plug plug!) for almost eight months and I still feel like Dr. Frankenstein. And if I’m Frankenstein, then the artist is a god and I’m more than happy with that arrangement.

    The final version (colors, letters) goes up tomorrow, but this is just…wooboy.

    • Pontifex says:


      • The final version is up now! Gods. I need a Patreon just so I can pay her more. http://www.starfallwebcomic.com/

        • Pontifex says:

          Took a while to get to looking at the full version.
          Damn, that’s gorgeous.

          • Yeah! And you wouldn’t think she has any idea, from the way she responds to compliments. She’s genuinely shocked when people RT. I’ve never met someone as talented and humble…for myself, the comic has been a “learning experience.” Hopefully, my writing will get better as I get used to the format, but there’s been very little feedback. It never bothered me as much until I started working with the new artist. She deserves recognition. Hence the original post. I’m flabbergasted that I get to work with someone this skilled.

            Edited to add: XD it’s customary to say thank you, I know, but it’s weird to me…since I didn’t draw it. On her behalf? Thank you.

          • Pontifex says:

            She’s welcome. :)
            Good luck with the writing. I never managed to get past a few pages of dialogue, or rafts of index cards of plot… in the last forty years. I’ll get to the early pages soon.

          • Everyone has their idea of the best way to begin. As a total amateur on his first foray, my take will be as helpful as anyone else’s, I think…

            But after NOT writing anything substantial FIVE years after graduating, I forced myself to write a summary, then five pages, then find an artist…the summary took an afternoon, the pages took longer. I lucked into finding an artist but, honestly, there are just so many talented people that the hardest part is finding someone that will trust you to hold up YOUR end…and being able to pay them, of course.

            But the real fuel, what keeps me going is…I tell everyone I know as often as possible. I don’t talk about it much on here cuz it’s not my site and I don’t exactly pay for advertising rights. So, if I’m late or slow, I feel guilty.

            It works. So far. I recommend it.

  7. So Breath of the Wild is basically going to be the prettiest video game ever.

  8. Chris says:

    Cold brew update: it tastes pretty good. Think I’ll continue doing this.

    • Verdict in comparison with other ice coffees?

      • Chris says:

        Better than at least Starbucks and Peets.

        That said, it’s Bewley’s, so even hot I prefer it to the above.

        • Pontifex says:

          I remember when Peet’s was a single 15X20 foot store in Berkeley with no seating but a couple benches out side. And considering that Starbuck’s was founded by former Peet’s emplyees that actively would open stores within a block or so of an existing Peet’s, them’s fightin’ words… ;)

          • Chris says:

            Well, my last experience with them was as the coffee they served back in my college café, before the cold-brewing trend took off, and served by underpaid students.

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnKT9ZCGgBE

    I have until September to figure out how to get an XBox One.

    • Chris says:

      Well, they just introduced a new model, so I imagine the previous ones are gonna see a price drop.

  10. Key Lime Oreos now exist!

  11. Zatar says:

    I went to a really cool Turing theatre show called Legend Has It. Its improv that has a member of the audience is called on stage and asked to be the main character. Highlights of the show included a dead character being revived by a wet willy and a head stand contest being central to the climax.

  12. WheelchairNinja says:

    Started my last week at my first real job today. Decided to wear my Snow White poison apple shirt, even though the dress policy prohibits skulls. What can I say, I’m a rebel. The plan for tomorrow: eat something at my desk that requiers a utensil–probably yoghurt with some granola mixed in. https://youtu.be/7I-mdoClMVA

    • bandit_queen says:

      The policy specifically prohibits skulls? Is there a story behind that?

      • WheelchairNinja says:

        Before I started working there they would sometimes have customers tour the facility, and they didn’t want anything that even hinted at “darkness” that might offend Southern Baptists types. I knew that going in and have zero problem with it–they know their customers’ tastes and wrote the policy to fit. I don’t even own much clothing with skulls–pretty much just the poison apple and my SHIELD/glow-in-the-dark Hydra shirt–but to be safe I’d avoided wearing anything Harry Potter. No need to offend someone and risk a more restrictive dress code over a silly “Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain” shirt. But they haven’t had tours in ages and other people have worn skulls without any repercussions, so as a a joke I decided to wear something “forbidden” since the worst they can do is fire me a few days early. ;)

    • Chris says:

      It feels appropriate that I’m wearing a shirt with a skull on it. Granted, it’s a “cake or death” shirt, but hey.

    • WheelchairNinja says:

      Rebellion update: Monday–wore a shirt with a design that resembled a skull. Tuesday–ate yoghurt at my desk with a spoon. Wednesday–didn’t participate in the morning wrist exercises that they think somehow help prevent carpel tunnel. Thursday–left my cell phone on my desk all day instead of keeping it in my pocket. Friday–went to the restroom when it wasn’t break time (which admittedly is my own personal rule since it takes me 15+ minutes to go to the restroom and the breaks are twenty minutes).

      And nobody noticed anythinghttp://data.whicdn.com/images/38347967/large.gif

  13. Nuuni Nuunani says:

    So who seems likely for the Billy Batson Captain Marvel?

    • Ohhhh you meant SHAZAM in the other thread!

      I heard Channing Tatum recently but not in a real concrete sense. Not sure how I feel about that.

      • bandit_queen says:

        I’m never sure how I feel about Channing Tatum in general. Sometimes I find him boring, and I don’t think the brings a lot to his roles, but then I’m also oddly charmed by what a sweet person he seems to be, and I can’t bring myself to dislike his performances, either.

      • Nuuni Nuunani says:

        It was my fault for not being specific. ^^;

        And yeaaah~ Im really not fond of a Channing Tatum casting. A fine actor, but not really big red cheese material.

      • His name is Captain Marvel, and you know it. Carol can share.

    • The Rock should play both Captain Marvel & Shazam.

      • Nuuni Nuunani says:

        Why? XD

        • He is a legitimately great choice for both, honestly.

        • Shouldn’t they both transform into the same idealized superhero body for saying the same magic word? It gets around the “villain is the swarthy foreigner” issue by letting him play the hero too. The Rock has that goofy charisma that’d be perfect for young Billy Batson.

          • I always assumed they turned into a grown up version of themselves, but this is an interesting approach and it meshes with some of the versions that separated Billy and Marvel as entities (like Jeff Smith’s Monster Society of Evil).

    • I will always say Patrick Warburton for Captain Marvel. He’s only 7 years older than the Rock; we can still make this happen.

      • VindicaSean says:

        Was coming down here to say exactly this. He’s got such an earnestness to him that I think he could really make the role shine.

  14. Chris says:

    I’m gonna try cold-brewing coffee overnight here at the office.

  15. VindicaSean says:

    After many weeks of searching, I have finally gotten Ecto Cooler (from Amazon, because local grocers suck at stocking it). It tastes just as good as I remember– kind of a Midori for kids (lots of orange flavor and some melon mixed in). Now I just have to manage the stock I have so I don’t blow through it all in one go, though I’m very tempted to hunker down and chug it while watching the new Voltron series on Netflix, so I can fully act like a five year old all over again.

    Also, maybe not *as* nerdy (is horror fan a nerdy thing? the lines on this stuff blur more everyday), but I’m kind of excited about the Friday the 13th game footage that got put out today. It’s still early stages and looks pretty rough, but the core of the movies is there. And having Mama Voorhees in your ear the whole time you play *as* Jason is perfect.

    • “Midori for kids” omg, haha. I honestly have no taste memory for it but that sounds perfect.

      • VindicaSean says:

        It just tastes….right. I couldn’t place what I *expected* the stuff to taste like, but the minute I took my first sip, it was all nostalgia, no surprise. Now, the case comes in cans, not juice boxes, so not a total nostalgia trip, but I’m okay with not looking like five year old while I feel like a five year old.

        • Chris says:

          I don’t have the same connection with Ecto Cooler, but that’s definitely been the feeling with me and Surge having been re-issued.

          • VindicaSean says:

            I was into Surge when it was around, but I’ve always been more of a Dr. Pepper fan myself.

  16. Evelyn Starshine says:

    There’s a new female lead game, https://www.gog.com/game/dex
    and here is a cool LGBT comic kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/444916870/meraki-descent-to-the-underworld/description
    and um, Cleverman episode 2 was really cool.
    and.. i cant think of any other subjects right now?
    no one has spoken yet.