Star Wars Is Trying to Bankrupt Us All, Releases Tons of Force Awakens Funko


As if I didn’t have enough Funko Pop! already…

Via, a whole new wave of Star Wars: The Force Awakens figures from Funko. And they’re pretty darn great. Here’s a few highlights. (Above is my favorite and absolute MUST-HAVE because it’s from the cutest scene on film ever.)





Thank god Leia finally got some solid legs to stand on!

In honor of May the 4th, is excited to reveal the next wave of Funko’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pop! figures. Coming in July and made in Pop!’s already-classic design aesthetic, the lineup includes everyone from Luke Skywalker to maskless Kylo Ren to Rey (with lightsaber!). In addition, several retailer exclusives are coming, featuring special depictions and variations of characters. Look for Rey with X-wing helmet, Poe Dameron with jacket and blaster, and much more. Finally, you can recreate Rey’s fateful meeting with Luke right on your desk.

And here’s a look at the entire wave with the exclusives marked as such.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.49.14 PM

I gotta say, I’m pretty meh on the new Oscar Isaac/Poe figures. For some reason they’re just not capturing his personality for me.

If you’re looking to add to your collection (or get figures from the previous waves which include Finn, BB-8, Phasma and more) please consider purchasing through my Amazon affiliate link here!

7 Responses to “Star Wars Is Trying to Bankrupt Us All, Releases Tons of Force Awakens Funko”

  1. bandit_queen says:

    I would get SO MUCH more work done with Leia standing on my desk giving me that Look…

  2. Spidey Super Comments says:


  3. Chris says:

    Of all of the companies marked for exclusives, the one that confuses me the most is Walgreens. It’s just… why a corner drug store?

    • SpottedSeaJelly says:

      Because Walgreens knows it’ll get people to go into their store instead of going to CVS?
      Might work, because I’m mighty tempted to get that particular Rey even though I’m not a fan of how all the Star Wars Pops are bobble-heads. But I guess as long as I don’t bump it, it won’t bobble.

  4. Stephen "Soup" Strange says:

    They are adorable! In related news, I recently saw a Charlie Brown figure for four dollars and was tempted to get it. I did not.

  5. Adrian says:

    I like Leia’s no-nonsense hands-on-hips pose. She’s here to get things done.

    It’s also very cute how Rey 114 is offering that Skywalker saber. ( . º-º)っ▯

  6. Marie says:

    Holy crap, that is a ridiculous amount! Multiple Reys, though! Yay!

    Kinda into General Leia! And I’m a big Domhnall Gleeson fan, so I’m kind of tempted by Hux.

    must. not. buy. all. the. funkos. I have a bunch already….