Superheroes Re-imagined as Mr. Men

Ahh, nostalgia. Nothing gets us 70s and 80s-born kids excited like seeing a treasure from our childhood reemerge in some clever way. Mix it with another pop-culture item we love? Even better. Remember the Mr. Men and Little Miss series of books by Roger Hargreaves? You know, Mr. Messy, Little Miss Sunshine, etc. Well graphic Designer Steven Anderson (aka SevenHundred) has adapted their wonderful cover style to depict our favorite superheroes instead.

“I’m a 30 year old geek with an overactive imagination, a lack of interest in growing up and a pocketful of doodles and sketches,” says Anderson on his Flickr profile, “I pretend to be a professional graphic designer from 9ish to 5. I stay in Glasgow with my girlfriend, cat and rapidly growing t-shirt collection.” Sound like a lot of us, doesn’t it? Without further ado, here’s a sampling of the 82 designs he put together.

If you want to see the rest head on over to According to that site Anderson says, “The idea basically sparked from the realisation that Mr Happy from the Mr Men, looks a lot like the Comedians badge from Watchmen… and a quick doodle of this lead to the question ‘Who Watches the Mr Men?’ and assigning various Mr Men personalities to their Alan Moore counterparts…The Mr Bat/Batman & Mr Spider/Spider-man characters just kind of came to me as an extension of the Watchmen/Mr Men. I wish there was some kind of deep, profound meaning behind it, my childhood book collections colliding or it being a comment on the major personality traits of main stream comic characters… but really, they are just fun little re-imaginings.”

4 Responses to “Superheroes Re-imagined as Mr. Men”

  1. Budd says:

    those are really good, I like Ms. Frost

  2. CDerosby says:

    Amber the Mr. Men are a new-retro thing. Cartoon Network picked it up as a show about 2 years ago, but it ended up getting banished to the 6:30 Saturday Morning time slot (Miss Izzy is up early on weekends…..). I remember the books from the mid '70's when I was a kid. I think they had cartoon shorts back then too, but I can't say for sure. I think this new take on them is a vast improvement.

    and yes, I know I'm old.

  3. Amber Love says:

    I don't remember these doodlesome characters but I sure like what I see. Must be a newer gen thing. I love when art can be so simple and pure.

  4. Callie says:

    Jill, you have done it again. Not since the pics of cats as superheroes (my favorite is Dazzcat) have I grinned from ear to ear. BRAVO!!