Swimsuits for superheroes

DC Women Kicking Ass posted an image yesterday of an interesting superhero swimsuit. It’s a mashup of Wonder Woman and either the Flash or Mary Marvel. Either way, definitely a unique twist. I felt the need to explore the site further and found some other swimwear perfect for our favorite heroes.

Whether it’s meant to be or not, this is obviously Zatanna’s swimsuit. Or if she’s feeling really crazy (or drunk), this one might do the trick.

A bit on the nose for this one obviously but she does LOVE cats so I can totally see Catwoman putting this one on.

And just because I can…

WHAT? It says it’s a superhero swimsuit and that guy on his junk could totally be Barry Allen if you look really quick. If.

3 Responses to “Swimsuits for superheroes”

  1. CaptKirk42 says:

    Where are the models for the women's suits? Us Male readers need some eye-candy too!

  2. grog1138 says:

    Hmm… I'm not sure if I want speed to be associated with my nasty bits. I especially don't want to be nicknamed "the Flash."

  3. I should be able to get an Aquaman wetsuit or a Namor speedo…I mean, it makes sense in my mind.