Green Lantern 2 and Flash films are a go!

A good sign or counting your chickens before they hatch? Whatever you want to call it, three writers have officially been handed Green Lantern 2 and the Flash. That was fast. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. “has...Read More »

June 10th, 2010

DoubleDCoverage #2

I’m back with another installment of DoubleDCoverage at the Girls Entertainment Network.  This week I take a look at two very different number ones. The one, the only, Barry Allen is back but should anyone who hasn’t been reading...Read More »

April 8th, 2009

The Nerdy Bird Adores – Superman #679

I fell behind on my latest adoration because of vacation but this one was too good to just let slide. If James Robinson isn’t in a long-term committed relationship I’ll be damned. That man wrote one of the most...Read More »

September 18th, 2008


CAUTION: DO NOT READ ON UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SPOILED BY A MAJOR EVENT IN THE DC UNIVERSE! Art by J.G. Jones Around this time last year comics jumped onto the front page of the mainstream media. The...Read More »

May 1st, 2008