The Nerdy Bird Adores – Superman #679

I fell behind on my latest adoration because of vacation but this one was too good to just let slide. If James Robinson isn’t in a long-term committed relationship I’ll be damned. That man wrote one of the most realistic and truthful scenes between a couple that I’ve ever read in a comic. It involved a flashback Lois has while Clark is busy fighting Atlas. I’m mostly gonna let Robinson’s work speak for itself here with just a few interjections because it’s that good.

“Is this about (insert woman’s name here)?” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that one and every time it led to a fight with a significant other. Not just with me but probably every girl I’ve ever known. Boys, don’t even ask that question. If you have to ask, the answer’s probably yes. Of course Clark, naive farm-boy that he is, has no idea what he’s about to step into.

“Because she’s amazing and she wears fishnets.” Duh, Clark. Obviously.
Even though Lois is in her ridiculous I-hate-how-I-look time-of-the-month phase Clark knows just what to say. Plus he doesn’t have to think about it, it comes natural to him. He still might not understand exactly why Lois is acting this way but all it takes is some of that farm-boy charm and a simple, “I’ve had a big life, you know that. But you’re the one I’ve spent that life waiting to love,” and…
…voilà! Lois is the happiest, most content woman in the world again. Boys, you’d do well to commit this scene to memory and use it in one of those BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY moments. Trust me, if you’re sincere, it’ll get you out of the dog house. You can learn from Superman. And James Robinson.

6 Responses to “The Nerdy Bird Adores – Superman #679”

  1. Randy, I’d say that’s a really long pipeline to Super Mario Land kinda dream. :)

    I have to agree with you Luke. The Atlas thing has been dragging along.

    Brian, All-Star was definitely a great one.

  2. Brian says:

    I haven’t read Superman in a while, but the recent storyline seems interesting. All-Star Superman was a step in the right direction though, that’s for sure.

  3. Luke says:

    I really enjoy Robinson’s character moments, but so far this arc has been pretty boring. I have faith everything will turn out great, though.

  4. Randy says:

    I loved this scene too. I am so glad James Robinson is back where he belongs…writing comics.

    Now if only he’d bring Jack Knight back…..

    Pipe dream, right??

  5. I’m just glad it wasn’t a thong. That would have been silly. :P

    You’re very welcome!

  6. Is that a string bikini I see there, Lois? :0

    Thanks for all the comment love last night. I’m honored. :)