Green Lantern 2 and Flash films are a go!

A good sign or counting your chickens before they hatch? Whatever you want to call it, three writers have officially been handed Green Lantern 2 and the Flash. That was fast.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. “has hired Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, all of whom worked on the Lantern screenplay, to write a treatment for the second installment. The trio has also been tapped to pen the treatment for the silver-screen incarnation of The Flash.”

Sounds great, right? That means the studio liked their work so much on Green Lantern that they’re confident in them doing even more. But there’s a catch. According to the report, after the treatments are written, the trio will only be given one of the two films to write into a screenplay.
If the Green Lantern writing trio secures the sequel instead of Flash, could Johns end up the writer instead? Most likely not considering his hands-on approach with just about every aspect of DC Entertainment except the actual writing of the films. However, as THR points out, The Flash film will take inspiration from Johns’ recent work and will feature the Barry Allen incarnation of the character.”
The DCE team of Diane Nelson, Dan DiDio, Jim Lee and Johns thought the Flash was the next logical hero to bring to the movies “with new Batman and Superman films in the writing stages and Lantern filming,” reported THR. What’s your take?
Green Lantern hits theaters June 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “Green Lantern 2 and Flash films are a go!”

  1. Josh Hill says:

    I think this is a pretty exciting time to be a DC fan! The more we hear and see about Green Lantern, the more I am looking forward to it. I would love to see Flash be able to fit in the same "world" with Green Lantern, even if they aren't going for a full blown Justice League deal like Marvel is doing with the Avengers. It would just be cool for them to eventually do a GREEN LANTERN/FLASH team-up movie. It would almost be like a buddy cop movie!

  2. KAFEIN says:

    what about Wonder Woman!?!?!?!?

  3. Mark Bruno says:

    I would love — LOVE! — to see a movie based on the Flash. In order to work, though, the film would NEED to feature DC's wide spectrum of super-villains (I mean, let's be honest, no one does a rogues gallery better than the Flash) and show off some of the police procedural aspects of the DCU as well.

    And how cool would it be to have cameos by the Gotham PD, Green Arrrow, Amanda Waller, the Oracle, and the Calculator?