Barry’s “Nonsense” Talk on The Flash Premiere Definitely Wasn’t Nonsense

The Season 4 premiere of The CW’s The Flash, “The Flash Reborn,” likely revealed a lot of where we can expect the series to go over the next year and beyond.

We all knew Barry was coming back (even if some of us wished for a different outcome) but I didn’t think it would be that soon or that easy. But, well, it was, and after a bit of “science,” Barry was back after spending god knows how long inside the Speed Force.

A lot of friend and family drama went down in the episode but what I wanted to focus on specifically was Barry’s words after he came out of the Speed Force and before he was reverted to his regular state. Here’s a good chunk of it:

Your honor I’m innocent, I didn’t do this, I didn’t kill anyone. Can you hear the stars singing? Rhyming, chiming, timing every hour, every minute. You said the city was safe, that there was no residual danger but that’s not true. What really happened that night? The stars melting like ice cream, dream, clean nothing seems…Nora shouldn’t be here. It’s a whole new way of looking at physics. It will change the way that we think about everything, from a single atom to and entire galaxy. Stars so loud, bloud, cloud, proud… I’m just not sure I’m like you Oliver. The stars are raining, draining, pain…I think maybe later, no thank you. He didn’t do those things, he didn’t hurt my mom, I was there that night. No there was a man, plan, no plan. [Laughs] We’re gonna need more diapers [laughs].

A few things here. It seems as though Barry has witnessed time in a different way while in the Speed Force. He’s definitely mentioning things from the past: “He didn’t do those things, he didn’t hurt my mom, I was there that night. No there was a man.” – the murder of his mother. And the pilot episode: “You said the city was safe, that there was no residual danger, but that’s not true.” – speaking to Wells, and speaking to Oliver, “I’m just not sure I’m like you Oliver.”

But are we getting glimpses of the future as well? Is the Flash going to go on trial for murder? The quote that cinched it for me was him saying “We’re going to need more diapers.” Bingo. Barry and Iris are totally going to have twins. Perhaps…Tornado Twins?

But it doesn’t appear as if he’s going to retain any of that information so hopefully we won’t get stuck in another season of Barry trying to change the future. Of course that also means stars are going to melt. Eep.

Other than all that, Barry is running faster than ever, Caitlin is Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde-ing it, and Kim Engelbrecht and Neil Sandilands joined the cast as villains The Mechanic and The Thinker (thought it was going to be Metron), respectively. By the way, this is the only CW superhero show I got to watch so far this week but feel free to gab about the premieres of the others in the comments.

[Edit: I erroneously posted an image of the wrong West family twins here previously. I regret the error.]

6 Responses to “Barry’s “Nonsense” Talk on The Flash Premiere Definitely Wasn’t Nonsense”

  1. Barry being back so fast was mean to everyone waiting for Kid-Flash to take up his mantle. I didn’t expect him to permanently replace Barry due to actors’ contracts, but what’s the point of treating all the CW’s super-proteges so disposable? As soon as Wally dons the Flash costume, he’s trashed by a lone Samuroid. He didn’t even get to say “My name is Wally West, & I am the fastest man alive!” To add insult to injury. Barry’s cool new suit is
    essentially Wally’s suit in the comics. Wally West deserves better!

  2. perplexio says:

    I wanted Barry back, just not that fast. I was hoping they would introduce John Fox and he and Iris would develop feelings for one another, kind of like what happened with Wally West and Linda Park in the comics back in the early 90s.

  3. Daniel Duncan says:

    It was an interesting episode for me, not really great, and generally a tad off. What I will say is that I’m not really sure that he actually is cured. He’s actually interacting with people, but all of his behavior felt more like someone who was playing a role, rather than actually someone who had returned from the great beyond. I’m likely way off base, but at no point during this episode did it feel like I was seeing things from Barry’s point of view, and I’m really curious to see whether we’ll have him doing the intro monologue next week or someone else.

  4. craigmacd says:

    I think Legends had the best premiere so far out of the CW superhero shows. The dialogue in Supergirl (especially in the first half hour) was cringe-worthy. The Flash cured Barry in a nonsense way (as usual) without really explaining it. I know that Wally West came back from the Speed Force waaaay back in Flash #100 because of his connection to Linda Park (who I hope gets to meet Wally in the TV show) but he didn’t have scrambled eggs for a brain when he came back. The Thinker looked cool at least. Also, very excited for The Kilg%re to show up as he (it?) is my favorite Flash villain of all time.

  5. VBartilucci says:

    The main problem I had with the cure was how there was no setup for it. They had two theories, he was seeing time out of phase or something (which the gibberish added weight to) or he was suffering from dementia. They didn’t even toss one line in to the effect of “he needs to be shocked out of this state” (a la Kingsman the Golden Circle) to set up Iris’ crazy move. They spent all the time setting up that the glyphs are important (and yes, they may yet be) but it all got dropped for “I just have to damsel myself and he’ll come save me”.
    I almost wish they’d given this story two parts – have Barry show up right at the end of the hour and have more time to work on fixing him. I think they were, you should pardon the expression, rushing it.