Chicks Dig Comics/Womanthology Updates!

Hey, everyone…..I’VE GOT TWO BOOKS IN STORES TODAY!! Actually hitting stores TODAY, is Chicks Dig Comics from Mad Norwegian Press, a series of essays from women about their love of, you guessed it – comics! Check out this crazy...Read More »

April 10th, 2012

WOMANTHOLOGY: An Indie Sensation Before Publication

It’s been a discussion for a while now, highlighted recently with the creators chosen for the DCnU, that female artists and writers in the comic book industry are underrepresented and undervalued. While Marvel’s Girl Comics was a big step...Read More »

July 15th, 2011


Something very exciting is taking place in the comic book industry right now and I’m ecstatic to let you know I’m part of it. It’s called – Womanthology. Womanthology is a MASSIVE all-female comic anthology being spearheaded by Renae...Read More »

July 7th, 2011