Take My Collectibles, Please: The Nerdy Bird’s Holiday Giveaway!


As long promised…The Nerdy Bird has some fun stuff to give away from your favorite subscription boxes. You want collectibles? I got ’em!

As you’re probably aware, I get sent regular subscription boxes from a few companies – Loot Crate, Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty, DC Legion of Collectors, and Marvel Collector Corps. You’ve probably also watched a few of my unboxing videos. Suffice to say, my fiancé doesn’t like the five foot fort I’ve created around the perimeter of our apartment with the boxes and it’s past time to give some of this awesome stuff to you!

There will be multiple winners! Right now I don’t have a firm number…at least five, but probably more because I have a lot of stuff. I will be mixing and matching items from different boxes and keep in mind the shirts they send me are a mix of women’s medium/large and unisex medium. I know that won’t fit everyone and for that I apologize. I’ll also send out a short questionnaire to the winners asking for preferences to franchises/characters etc. I can’t promise any specific items but my hope is everyone who wins will get one thing they really love, some other cool stuff they like, and then maybe something they can pass on to a friend. The faster you reply to the questionnaire, the better your chances of getting your preferences.

So, how do you win? First, you have to be following @TheNerdyBird on Twitter. That is non-negotiable. Sorry, I know some folks just don’t like or use Twitter. Your account doesn’t have to be active to win so you can always make one just for this and never use it again. But bonus, if you weren’t already following that account, it tweets out the latest geeky news from TheNerdyBird.com before I do on my personal account! Only one entry per person.

If you’re not following @TheNerdyBird and you win, I’ll realize I can’t direct message (DM) you and have to move on to someone else. So keep a close eye on your DMs soon after the contest ends (I won’t announce winners publicly). Secondly, you must tweet this, and only this bolded message, in its entirety and with no alterations (copy/paste to be safe!):


I’m entering @TheNerdyBird’s #TakeMyCollectiblesPlease holiday giveaway! Win subscription box goodies here: https://goo.gl/JkCKu1


You have until Friday, December 2nd 2016 – 11:59 p.m. eastern to get your entry in—and sorry, you must have a valid address in the U.S. for the prize to be shipped to you. However, if you live internationally and have a friend in the U.S. willing to forward a package along to your location, I’m totally cool with that. I’m going to attempt to get all the packages out ASAP after the giveaway closes so that if there’s something you don’t like you can re-gift it for the holidays. Good luck, everyone!

16 Responses to “Take My Collectibles, Please: The Nerdy Bird’s Holiday Giveaway!”

  1. DameKinouMentheOfThawneMajesta says:

    I can’t participate, unfortunately (T_T). I was thinking of advertising this to my fellow TMS commenters but maybe you already have enough participation ?

  2. I don’t trust any fiance that wants you to give away your stuff.

    • brainmist says:

      Semi agreed. If it’s precious treasures, yes. If it’s a mounting like of semi fun but also kinda forgettable cruft, and you’re prone to keep such cruft despite your best intentions, it’s useful to have someone to help you weed out the stuff you really don’t care about, and then actually send it off, before the floor disappears.

  3. danna the human says:

    Sad because US only uu

    Good luck to everyone else!

  4. RTing and Following – I didn’t realize you had a separate Twitter. Silly me! I’m not going to enter but hopefully some of the nerds that talk to me will. : D

  5. Marie says:

    Hey, I tweeted this and then noticed that it actually tags @thenerdybirdS and not @thenerdybird

  6. John Barrie says:

    Hey, congratulations on your engagement! For all I know, it may have been forever ago, but I hadn’t noticed amid all the geekery.

    Entering the contest now.