The Nerdy Bird Unboxes Loot Crate’s “Anti-Hero” & “Speed” Boxes

It’s another installment of Jill opens stuff!!

Keep an eye on here VERY SOON as I’m planning some contests to give away a mix of these items soon (I promise!). Patreon supporters get access to these videos first, if you’re not a Patron already, you can do so for just $2 or more a month!

Here I’m checking out TWO Loot Crate boxes this time because I got bunched up a bit. The “Anti-Hero” box is first then the newer “Speed” box is second so if you were looking to avoid finding out what’s in it just stop watching after I finish with Anti-Hero.

Here’s a link to Skelton Crew Studios I mentioned in the video. They do awesome props from comic book series like Locke & Key, Mouse Guard, Hellboy and more!

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