This Is the Super Romantic Star Wars: The Force Awakens Proposal You’re Looking For

Stephen and Danielle had a better Star Wars: The Force Awakens screening than you did.

Stephen got in touch with me to share the video of his epic nerd proposal to Danielle (who is looking stylish in Her Universe!) and I’m so glad he did. Not only is the proposal done in cosplay, it’s a musical! Here’s what the video description says:

A couple decided to make plans for an awesome Christmas gift for friends and family to watch and enjoy Star Wars Episode VII at private screening. While at the sametime unbeknownst to the Girlfriend secretly the boyfriend plans an elaborate proposal with musical accompaniment by The Magic City Hippies.

There are many i would personally like to thank that helped make all of this possible, i’d like to thank The Rebel Legion and Epic Realmz Cosplay Productions for all the efforts they did by dressing up for the occasion and playing a part in this special moment. I’d would also like to thank The Magic City Hippies for the wonderful performance they did. And also would like to give a shoutout to Sport Kilt for providing the special Kilt and The Regal Cinemas for allowing all of this to happen. Everyone had a big role in this special occasion and i would like to thank everyone who helped make this moment so perfect.

You can hear the couple talk more about the engagement (and get their thoughts on the movie) on the Vundacast podcast.

As someone who had their own nerdy proposal happen late last year, I welcome you both to the club! Congratulations!

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  1. Ahhh that’s adorable! We shall welcome them to the geeky marriage proposals club! (Mine happened at a LARP!)