Things of the nerdy variety.

It’s been a crazy week. I came across several nerdy items I would have happily written entire posts about had I had the time, as it stands, I did not. Since it’s Friday and you’re most likely at work, counting the minutes until you can get to your nearest pub, I’ll just spit them all out at you. Here’s hoping it makes the time until alcohol go a little bit faster.

First up is this delightfully amusing Terminator illustration. So simple, but genius. It was yesterday’s Woot Shirt of the Day which means it’s only around until it sells out so if you want one, act fast. Occasionally they’ll continue selling a shirt for a short time if it’s really popular though. Don’t be lazy, read the site and figure it out for yourself.

My wonderfully talented friend and colleague from the Girls Entertainment Network, Stephanie Carmichael (aka WITA), has added yet ANOTHER internet…thing…to her proverbial plate. Besides GEN and a bunch of other sites, she also has her own blog, What is Techno Again? Seriously, this girl is a machine. Not a scary, Terminator-like machine mind you (though I’m sure she’d volunteer if it got her closer to Christian Bale somehow), just a really well-made machine that can do practically anything and you thank god you have on speed-dial. I’m getting so far off course it’s not even funny. She’s made a Tumblr. She posts ADORABLE comic related images there. Well, at least that’s the gist. Sometimes she posts very scary things too. Either way, it’s a great daily dose of coolness from a cool chick. And we all know how much I love cute. It’s a nice distraction from the stress these days.
Fun casting news! James Marsters (Buffy, Torchwood) has been added to the cast of the Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica. I’m pretty sure executive producer Jane Espenson had something to do with that, in which case, I’ll bow down and kiss her feet or the dirt or whatever she fucking wants for getting him on that show. He’ll be playing a terrorist leader named Barnabus Greeley. A bad guy. The article says he’s “driven by desires both moralistic and carnal.” Gulp. Don’t expect me to come up for air on January 22.
Speaking of things that make me horny. Extra special New Moon trailer on SciFi Wire. TMI?
And now for something REALLY awesome. DC Comics and Milkshakes. That’s a song I heard on the radio yesterday by a band called Art Brut. One of my favorite lyrics? “I’m in love with a girl in my comic shop. She’s a girl who likes comics; She probably gets a lot.”

Here’s something that’s equal parts depressing and over-stimulating for my nerdy brain. Fifth Element Posable Mondoshawan Head Movie Prop on Ebay. Over-stimulating of course because I’m one of the biggest Fifth Element fans ON THIS PLANET, depressing because it’s $6,499. I would give MY head if I could own THIS one. The same seller also has the tunic Lt. Barclay wore in one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Genesis,” and lots of other nerdy items for sale. I’ve been waiting for years for part of the Mondoshawan’s to show up on Ebay. It’s up for 11 more days, think I can sell my blood or something to make some quick cash? Or, conversely, any sugar daddies out there want to hook a girl up?
Lastly, inspired by the folks over at Geek Six who started a topic called #GeekSin on Twitter last week (mine: I haven’t read Lord of the Rings.), I decided to try one out myself. Quick tutorial if you aren’t a Twitter person. If you want people to be able to search a particular word or topic easily you put what’s called a “hashtag” in your post, hence the #. Although the hashtag doesn’t necessarily have to be involved. When a certain topic becomes really popular, that is, when thousands upon thousands of users are talking about it, it will show up as a “Trending Topic” on your Twitter sidebar. If you actually start a Trending Topic that’s pretty neat. I decided to give #GeekPetPeeve a try. It didn’t take off as well as #GeekSin but I got a good number of people to join in. Here’s a few of mine and some highlights from others.
TheNerdyBird: #geekpetpeeve When people pronounce Green Lantern Corps, “corpse.”
ValVictory: When people call Captain Marvel “Shazam” #geekpetpeeve

krikitmedia: it’s annoying when sports fanatics don’t realize they’re another kind of “geek” #GeekPetPeeve

WndrWmn: “Comic book” conventions who’s focus is no longer books not art. (Are you listening, SDCC?!) #geekpetpeeve

levack: #geekpetpeeve nerd girls threatening murder for mentioning cover spoilers. I didn’t post the cover!
DangerDude3: #geekpetpeeve when people call The Flash, Flash Gordon.
cnevett: #geekpetpeeve People who call Noh-Varr ‘Marvel Boy.’
LorryDrivingeek: when they change the spine on your grapic novels at Vol 9 so it doesn’t match the previous 8 volumes #geekpetpeeve

TheNerdyBird: #geekpetpeeve When people assume I don’t read comics because I’m a girl.
AnimaLux: #geekpetpeeve When skeezy guys come into my game store and try to do my job for me because I’m a girl.
fatmanafterdark: #geekpetpeeve when I can’t find the droids I’m looking for
heimp: #geekpetpeeve When people say graphic novel instead of comic book to appear less nerdy.
BubbaShelby: When they make a movie frm a cartoon that was no more than a 1/2 hr toy commercial & ppl complain the movie lacked substance #geekpetpeeve

Bobtimus: #geekpetpeeve Batman & Robin are NOT gay together. that joke is not funny. so quit it.
enyggma: My final #geekpetpeeve of the day: People that go see a movie called SiN city and then complain about the sinful content of the film…..
TheNerdyBird: #geekpetpeeve When comics come out a day late because of a holiday.

I’m about to add two more to my list. #geekpetpeeve When my geeky trending topic doesn’t make trending. :( AND when my HTML goes bonkers. WITA!! I NEEEEEDZ YOU!

Have a great weekend everyone!

9 Responses to “Things of the nerdy variety.”

  1. lol that is actually the name of the organization i chair. My name is Sir Davidicus Rawley H.Q. Sockrocker III. Also known as sir davey sockrocker. ^_^

    and yes, yes we do. XD

  2. Thanks wik, very much appreciated. :)

    LOL Randy!

    Beth I finally did get around to watching Date My Avatar. I'm up for some geeky musical hijinks!

    Are we going to have to throw down Vice President? :)

  3. hmm id have to challenge your fifth element claim as I am its biggest fan. Geek-off!! but i am also depressed as i dont have 6500 dollars either =/

  4. WITA says:

    Aww hahahaha what a great way to start my morning! :D

    And yes, I would totally volunteer if it meant getting closer to Bale. Mmmm Bale …

    #geekpetpeeve When I say "Batman" and someone just starts singing the 60s TV show theme.

  5. Bobtimus says:

    the geek pet peeve topic was awesome. thanks for posting my tweet BTW. haha

  6. tragedyman says:

    When I read BubbaShelby's #geekpetpeeve, my first thought was, "Well, knowing *is* half the battle…"

  7. Amber Love says:

    TheNerdyBird: #geekpetpeeve When people pronounce Green Lantern Corps, "corpse."

    SO TRUE!! This drives me crazy.

    That 5th Element head must have been driving you insane.

    Have you seen "Date My Avatar" – we need to make one like that. Find some musical folks and we'll get started.

  8. Randy says:


    I never thought that reading your blog would make me feel like I was cheating on my wife!! LOL

    Was it as good for you as it was for me??


  9. wik says:

    If it's worth anything, I've started posting a few #geekpetpeeves