Tune In To Comic Store Heroes This Weekend!

Hey guys! It’s been a while. Things have been extra busy over at Nerdy Bird HQ but I wanted to bring you the latest news. Have you been hearing about this new National Geographic Channel special called Comic Store Heroes? Well I’m in it!

I know, right?! Pretty cool. The crew has actually been filming me for the last two years (yes, this is one of those OMG things I mention now and again but couldn’t talk about) and I’m really excited to see what the results are.
While the show is mainly about the team at Midtown Comics in New York, they followed several comic book fans in their every day lives as well as their road to NYCC 2011. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful the filming crew were and what a joy they were to work with. You’re really going to see the heart and passion of comic book fans in this one.
The show will be premiering this Friday, July 13 at 8p.m. eastern on the National Geographic Channel so make sure to set your DVRs and tune in live! For more information you can check out this interview Wired did with me and my own interview with Thor Parker from Midtown on The Mary Sue!

6 Responses to “Tune In To Comic Store Heroes This Weekend!”

  1. Paul Kirby says:

    Saw the show in Ireland last night. Really enjoyed it. Great fun.

  2. Adrienne Fox says:

    I was finally able to watch Comic Store Heroes and your interview was awesome. I am so excited to see you at GeekGirlCon '12 in August!

  3. Hey! Just watched Comic Store Heroes this weekend. I've seen your name/blog before but I never realized your whole story, and I'm so glad that the TV show featured that. I think you are an incredible person and have a fantastic attitude. Keep up the great work!

  4. royallance says:

    That pic looks so wrong…

  5. Just got through watching and I loved it. I'm now off to follow on Twitter and check out Facebook pages. Look forward to reading more from you! My Twitter acct is @Galaxy_Dallas!

  6. Any idea if it's going to be on Netflix or anything later? Don't have the cable.