The Happy Little Trees at Twitch Creative Invite You to a Bob Ross Marathon


To help introduce the world to Twitch Creative, the streaming video platform has been playing a Bob Ross The Joy of Painting marathon for almost 24 hours.

Bob Ross, making you have ASMR feelings before you knew what ASMR was, was a pleasant addition to our household back in the late 80s/early 90s. So it’s nice to see his work getting some attention today thanks to the launch of Twitch Creative.

“There are a few things that make the Creative category unlike anything else on Twitch, so we, along with our launch partner Adobe, are excited to see what you dream up. First, starting today, you’ll see an entirely new landing page for the Creative category. This includes a dedicated Featured Video carousel meant to highlight interesting creative broadcasts for the community,” writes Twitch.

“Thanks to our friends at Janson Media and BobRoss Inc., we’ll broadcast every episode of the original Bob Ross show, The Joy of Painting, in an epic marathon starting [yesterday] at 2PM PST on,” they continued. “That’s 403 episodes of Bob Ross that will play over the course of 8.5 days. Just for fun, we’re releasing a special Bob Ross Kappa emote too (KappaRoss).”

Here’s a link to the channel (not sure what will happen there after all the episodes have aired) and here’s the livestream:

Watch live video from BobRoss on

One Response to “The Happy Little Trees at Twitch Creative Invite You to a Bob Ross Marathon”

  1. Adam Blackhat says:

    Wife and I sat and watched the first episode. Couldn’t help it. It’s so calming. And right from the beginning, he says “happy little this” and “happy little that”, “it’s your world”…amazing.