Two worthy Kickstarters!

Kickstarter is all the rage these days. Womanthology had great success with it but not every project gets that same amount of attention. That’s why I’d like to point you in the direction of two other projects attempting to fund themselves through the website.

The first is extra special to me since it will help put this little lady in your hands. Len Peralta, creator of the Geek A Week trading cards (sold on ThinkGeek), has chosen to include me in his next set! In the past he’s geek icons such as Veronica Belmont, Kevin Smith, Wil Wheaton and more. I was thrilled to pieces he wanted to immortalize me on my very own trading card and happily spoke with him about all things geek related on his podcast. Click here to see the back of my card and listen to the podcast.

Right now, Len is up to $6,800 of his $7500 goal with over twenty days left. Help put him over his goal so you can sell my card for lots of dough when I become REALLY famous. :)

The other project I’d like you to consider is Brandon Jerwa’s comic book documentary, “Untold Tales of the Comic Industry.” Brandon had asked me to be a part of it but schedules didn’t allow us to get together at Comic-Con. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it work some other time but until then, he’s trying to raise a big chunk of change to make sure he can travel and make the film a whole lot more. In his words:

This documentary takes a look at the comic industry from the inside out, guided by writers, illustrators, editors, distributors, Hollywood storytellers, and global fans of the art form. You’ll see the genesis of our shared love of comics, and explore the inspirations that keep creators running. You’ll learn what these creators love about the industry today, and what they hope to see improved for the industry’s survival tomorrow. No topic is off the table: economics, fan culture, the industry’s need to open its ranks to include a wider range of race and gender – it’s all discussed. This film isn’t a tell-all in the scandalous sense, but it IS full of honest stories and opinions offered up by the people behind the pages.

Brandon is a creator in his own right, having worked on Battlestar Galactica and G.I. Joe comics to name a few. Right now his kickstarter has just over $6,000 of his $18,000 goal with only seven days left to pledge. He’s spoken with tons of awesome people already, as you can see in the above image, and it would be great if he could get support to continue his work.

2 Responses to “Two worthy Kickstarters!”

  1. david_b says:

    I'd love a copy, please.

    Thanks for a very warm, informative, witty site.

  2. Amber Love says:

    Such a beautiful pic of you! Great to see you immortalized.