A Unique Dialogue on the Possibility That Rey Is a Skywalker

Rey theories are a constant source of contention for Star Wars fans (and Lucasfilm employees if my Twitter feed is any indication). If Rey is a Skywalker, is this how that revelation might play out?

Honestly I haven’t seen as much Rey talk lately but that’s probably because we’re in the throws of Rogue One but the theories have previously led me to tweet:


Anyway, I think this video somewhat accurately represents why Rey being a Skywalker would be a strange story decision. What do you think?

(via Laughing Squid)

14 Responses to “A Unique Dialogue on the Possibility That Rey Is a Skywalker”

  1. KinouMenthe of Thawne Majesta says:

    This so excellent xD
    I certainly hope Rey isn’t a Skywalker though.

  2. Aeryl says:

    I mean there is a certain amount of symmetry for Rey to be Luke’s daughter. But Kylo’s angst over being the heir to Vader doesn’t make sense if there is another contender. And I understand why some people can get frustrated with how claustrophobic the universe is if EVERYONE IS A SECRET SKYWALKER

    But I WANT Rey to be IMPORTANT. And not just “Oh, she’s a powerful Jedi and the main character.” I want her parents to be someone we’ve met or heard of. (So yes, I’m a bit of a fan of the theory that Jyn Erso is her mother, but realize that’s more likely just a problem with casting)

  3. Who is this wonderful person with her hilarious videos?

    I prefer the Rey Palpatine theory…it’s narratively fun. But…probably not gonna be the thing.

    Still, though. They made such a big deal about her name being just “Rey” that I’d be shocked if her last name wasn’t one we’ve heard before. Rey Calrissian? Rey D2?

  4. Wheelchair says:

    I still like the theory that Rey’s an X-23 style clone from Luke’s hand. It would at least mean Luke’s not a deadbeat dad. Then again Han evidently failed as both a father and husband and Leia never even tried to live up to her Jedi potential, so why shouldn’t our third main character be a disappointment as well? https://m.popkey.co/3abe4e/gKD5J.gif