Watch Me Talk X-Files, Han Solo, and More with Author Kami Garcia!

You may recall I moderated a talk last month with Kami Garcia, author of The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos, at Kinokuniya New York. They’ve just posted the video so you can watch us discuss the book, Han Solo casting, and more!

It was a fun night of talking pop culture with Garcia in Manhattan. I first brought up Rogue One (which she loved), and then the Han Solo movie (did you see the latest casting news??). Now, as Garcia pointed out, she’s biased about that Star Wars project because it features Alden Ehrenreich, who starred in the film adaptation of her book, Beautiful Creatures.

“Before it was Alden I was very against the Han Solo movie. Because for me, I lived in L.A., I have seen Harrison Ford in real life, he is just as hot in real life, I’m telling you even at his age. So handsome. So I was like, if Harrison Ford is not in it I’m not interested unless there’s a boy who looks exactly like Harrison Ford when Harrison Ford was in American Graffiti,” she told me. “But now that it’s Alden and I love Alden, and also he is very talented, so I feel like he’s gonna do it some justice.”

But don’t worry, we talked a LOT about the X-Files.

Kinokuniya New York hosted Kami Garcia as she presented her new book, “X-Files Origins: Agents of Chaos,” a YA approach to the origin story of how Fox Mulder came to be a believer. Kami presented her new work in conversation with The Nerdy Bird blogger and online celebrity, Jill Pantozzi.

[Editor’s Note: affiliate links] Both Garcia’s Agent of Chaos and the companion novel, The X-Files Origins: Devil’s Advocate by Jonathan Maberry, are available now. Thanks again to Kinokuniya for having us!

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    Cool interview/talk