We May Get to See Rogue One from the Perspective of Star Wars Rebels One Day


If you’re a fan of Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels, you probably already heard there were Easter Eggs for the animated series in Rogue One. A new breakdown with Dave Filoni tells us we might just get to see the movie from their point of view.

Rogue One spoilers? I guess? [Editor’s Note: Don’t forget about our open spoiler thread for the film here.]

Entertainment Weekly spoke to the executive producer about all those sightings of Ghost, Hera Syndulla’s ship, and Chopper. He also confirmed the “General Syndulla” we hear being called over the loudspeaker on Yavin 4 is Hera, not her father. Filoni told them “The movie gives that away, but I would rather have all the [references] be right. Hera will eventually become a general in the Rebel Alliance.” Awesome.

He also confirmed the rumor going around earlier this week that Saw Gerrera would make an appearance on the animated series and that he would be voiced by Forest Whitaker, who plays him in Rogue One. But here’s the part I found really interesting.

Filoni says fans of the show may someday see Rogue One’s action retold from his characters’ perspective on a future season of Rebels. “I already have some theories about the story behind it,” Filoni says. “I can imagine doing that entire [Scarif] battle from their point of view, whoever is on the Ghost at that point.”

He doesn’t say it’s definitely happening but he seems interested in trying it. And that would be, well, really cool. As a Rebels fan, I was already really curious about what was going on aboard Ghost while simultaneously really worried for my favorite characters. But considering the film only focused on one part of the resistance, I was wondering what other pieces were in play. With Saw showing up on Rebels, I wouldn’t put it past them to give us part of Jyn’s teenage years with him either at some point. What do you think?

9 Responses to “We May Get to See Rogue One from the Perspective of Star Wars Rebels One Day”

  1. That would be some fun synergy!

  2. Jason Rye says:

    Jyn wouldn’t be with Saw at this point. the current Rebel’s season is only about 2 to 3 years from Rogue One and Ep IV. Saw would have left Jyn in that warehouse for at least a few years prior by then.

  3. rrcivil says:

    Honestly I keep assuming that Ezra and Kanan are dead by the time of Rogue One. Because it would seem rather odd to have other Jedis around at the same time Luke is. Also why Would they have to go find Obi Wan if they had Ezra and Kanan?

  4. …that’s kind of fascinating and very, very Disney Marvel of them.