Westworld Season 1 Open Thread Or: How I Fell In Love With The Snake Woman


Ok, I already kind of liked ​Ingrid Bolsø Berdal’s Armistice, aka the Snake Tattoo Woman, on HBO’s Westworld but the Season 1 finale made me fall in love. Have thoughts on the season as a whole? Share away!

The debut season was a bit shaky for me. I’m aching for more, hell ANY, character development that makes me invest in these characters but the finale was fairly satisfying. As I said early on in the season, I think the story might have dragged on too long with not enough payoff along the way for more casual viewers but they’ve already got their Season 2 so we shall see. But last night’s MVP?


She was just so, so good. And hopefully you stuck around for the surprise post-credit scene. Just one more note from me for now and that is: claw game hand? Seriously?


So what did you make of the finale/first season? Spoilers away!

6 Responses to “Westworld Season 1 Open Thread Or: How I Fell In Love With The Snake Woman”

  1. DJRM says:

    It was a pretty solid finale but there was one dangling plot thread I thought they were going to address that never came up. What really happened to Elsie? And furthermore what happened to Stubbs the security guy who went looking for her? We never actually saw a body for either of them. With the amount of screen time they both got this season and that they bothered to show Stubbs getting ambushed looking for Elsie but not him getting killed suggests there was something more going on. If it turns out they are both just dead that will be very disappointing. Sure a lot of other stuff happened but this one thing is really sticking out to me.

    • Yeah I’m not sure if them not addressing her at all means we’re meant to take that brief flashback as confirmation she’s dead or what. I know a lot of folks, myself included, assumed there was more too that.

      • Pontifex says:

        i rather got the impression from his reaction to his own memories that Bernard had done as asked, and killed and disposed of her.
        However, since it cut away from the deed, unlike pretty much every other major death in the show, it’s hard to tell.

  2. Rick Bman says:

    Loved this season.

    Really interested in where Maeve’s story. Bernard read out her programming up to “get on the train” before she stopped him, so I am wondering if going back for her daughter was part of the program or if she broke through the program to do that.

    That final scene where are all the “outdated” Hosts are walking out of the woods was creepy as hell. Loved it so much. The music they had over it was great. My wife, who has a much better ear for music than I, pointed out that the lyrics to the song they were using are “Wake.. from your sleep. The drying of your tears. Today we escape, we escape.” Which is just so damn perfect.

    My wife is questioning if Ford is really dead. What would have stopped him from making a duplicate “host” of himself and having the host killed instead of himself?

    This show also made me realize I really want a remake of Cat Ballou starring Evan Rachel Wood.

    • Pontifex says:

      Who would take the Coburn part? I’m kinda leaning toward Harrelson, or McConaughey, both Texans who can play convincing drunks.

  3. I’m only halfway through, so I’ll comment more later, but I did get through Snake Woman’s brutal assault on…are they doctors? Mechanics? Designers? Hench Guy #5, let’s call’em. I’m all for plot relevant nudity (eyeballing you hard, exposition nude hall-of-famer GoT), though there’s no doubt in my mind that the Hosts are naked because it adds to the show’s appeal. Snake Woman’s all over tattoo and her effortless, relentless attack make this a moment to remember.

    Which is great, because so many of the “revelations” have been things the Internet has already figured out. And Old Guy William acted like a goddamn baby when he got his hands on the literal maze in the graveyard.