Weta Workshop Unveils New Hobbit Diorama Process Featuring Dol Guldur

If I had money I would be throwing it constantly at Weta Workshop. During my recent trip to New Zealand I got to visit their home and while I was already impressed with their work, seeing it in person really blew me away. Today they’ve revealed work on a diorama geek’s dream.

Typically, San Diego Comic Con is the big reveal event for Weta Workshop’s collectibles team. But this year they’ve decided to let something slip a few months early. A new video, released today, showcases plans for their new 1:30 scale range of collectible dioramas. The teaser video features Weta Workshop designers and technicians, including one of Middle-earth’s favourite sons, Workshop concept designer and author of The Hobbit Chronicles, Daniel Falconer.

‘We’ve been making collectible statues and environments for many years,’ says Daniel, ‘but what we’ve discovered recently is there’s a real interest in seeing full scenes. So we’ve put together a team to start working on a new 1:30 scale line of dioramas.’

Of course there’s lots of work still left to be done but watching the process is always really fun for me. Weta also promised that if you’re attending SDCC they’ve got more “big reveals up our sleeves.”

One Response to “Weta Workshop Unveils New Hobbit Diorama Process Featuring Dol Guldur”

  1. Mad Crocheter says:

    I don’t do a lot of collectibles because of my dust allergy, but I would commit to regularly dusting my own mini Bag End!