What happens on Raxacoricofallapatorius, stays on Raxacoricofallapatorius.

Even though I’ve been rewatching Doctor Who for the last few months, I’m still suffering from D.W. Doctor Withdrawal. So it was perfect timing that the annual Christmas Special actually aired ON Christmas for us Americans this year. Not only was it a great episode but we got some surprise extras as well!

This is not the TARDIS commercial that aired during the special but another that’s currently posted at WherestheTARDIS.com. It’s apparently a promotion to show off your very own TARDIS, whatever form it may take, and enter for a chance to win a private Doctor Who screening event in your town plus over 100 DW DVDs. According to the website, judging will be based on the following:

  • Most original design of the TARDIS
  • Most creative use of materials
  • Most creative placement in a public location
  • Most Facebook Likes on wheresthetardis.com
Besides the commercials, with some pretty fantastic lines, the actual Christmas Special was wonderful. It turned out not to be a classic A Christmas Carol retelling but a very twisted version of it instead. It didn’t have as much Amy and Rory as I would have liked but at least they were in it. The “aliens” were a very unique choice and made for a great plot point and British singer Katherine Jenkins did a delightful job as the beautiful Abigail. A fun aside, her character’s last name was Pettigrew, Pettigrew is the last name of the character Wormtail from Harry Potter and the actor who plays Dumbledore in Harry Potter, Michael Gambon, was her co-star in this episode. :)
We also got a pretty long sneak preview of Season Six at the end of the episode which isn’t airing until the Spring on BBC America which means my D.W. is going to be pretty bad come April. Seems like we can look forward to some epic stories though. The Doctor coming to America seems particularly adventurous.
To add to all this Doctor Who goodness going around, here are some tremendously awesome minimalist DW posters:

(Posters via Karma Orange, click link for more.)

3 Responses to “What happens on Raxacoricofallapatorius, stays on Raxacoricofallapatorius.”

  1. Mike says:

    Not only are you starting in on "Clone Wars," but you're also a Whovian! I am doubly glad I stumbled across your blog! Happy New Year!

    PS. I thought the Christmas special was wonderful, too — "halfway through the dark" and saving the world through music are very much, I think, Whovian themes (at least as Moffat has steered the show!)

  2. Thefremen says:

    Again, Merry Matt Smithmas and a happy Karen Gilanew year!

    The posters look AWESOME and agree-so pumped for the new season.

  3. Samp says:

    Hey Jill, Merry Christmas and a DW stress-less New Year! We had the episode air here (Australia) Boxing day night which would have been a few hours after UK airing and around US airing time. Great story and some good casting!
    The extended peek at upcoming season was great as well.