Wonder Woman Day is THIS Sunday!

The time has come to open your wallets once more for a good cause. Wonder Woman Day V is being held this Sunday and you’ve only got a short time left to bid on some amazing comic art.

Barry Kitson donated WWD art
Still don’t know what WWD day is? Shame on you, I wrote about it a few months ago. But I’ll let you slide if you’re a new reader. Here’s the gist: WWD is a bi-coastal event created to raise money for domestic violence shelters and awareness. Stacy Korn and her team from Comic Fusion here in New Jersey and Andy Mangels in Portland, Oregon work year-round to ask for donations of comic book art to auction off for the cause. The past four years have raised over $89,000 in aid for domestic violence programs and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

This year Portland’s special guests are Matt Wagner, Ron Randall, Anne Timmons, Rich Ellis,
Natalie Nourigat, Dane Ault, Emi Lenox and Steve Dorris. In Flemington, NJ you can catch Jamal Igle and Ken Haeser both signing and sketching plus the 501st Stormtroopers, Rebel Legion, Firestar and other live superheroes appearing on Saturday. Sunday you’ll see more superheroes and Charles Wilson III, Michael Devito and Nick Mockoviak signing and sketching.
And I haven’t even gotten to the amazing art up for auction yet. There is a HUGE list of names so I’m not going to post them all here but there’s definitely something for everyone. I must point out however, the Adam Hughes sketch that came in for the NJ auction just about two days ago. It’s Sue Storm. He’s definitely going to help us beat last year’s total. Also, I have to say thank you to anyone who donated their artwork because of me. I don’t put in the hard work the organizers do for WWD, I just try and spread the word as much as possible and show up to spend some cash of my own and donate my time, so thank you for helping on my behalf.
Ok, all that being said, online bidding for the NJ auction ends at midnight October 23. If you are outbid after that you must be in-store to bid again. I’ll be there on WWD, Sunday the 24th, along with Amber Love. She’ll be the one dressed as Wonder Woman, I’ll be the Red Lantern. Will less blood so I don’t scare the children. :)
Above all, donate. If you can’t, spread the word EVERYWHERE! We want this to be the most successful Wonder Woman Day yet!

2 Responses to “Wonder Woman Day is THIS Sunday!”

  1. Randy says:

    Good luck this year, Jill and Amber. Nobdy is better at fighting for our rights in their satin tights and the ol' red, white and blue than Wondy and the two of you.

  2. Amber Love says:

    Bring a BIG umbrella for both of us to fit under!