Your Outpost for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoiler Feelings

The followup to Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally here. Spoilers are no fun for anyone so share your thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi in this open thread instead of social media.

I have tickets to see the film (for the first time, anyway) tonight. It also happens to be my birthday so you can imagine I’m pretty excited. And yes, I’ll be participating in #LeiaIsWithUs and hope to see lots of others proudly saluting Carrie Fisher this weekend.

Spoilers to follow after these GIFs:

7 Responses to “Your Outpost for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoiler Feelings”

  1. After being convinced that there doesn’t need to be any more Star Wars movies, The Last Jedi restored my faith in The Force.

  2. rrcivil says:

    The thing I keep coming back to in my mind is the first order’s pursuit of the resistance fleet. It must have gone on for a while and it makes little sense to be how the resistance fleet was able to survive so long.

  3. I kinda want to get opposing threads going: stuff I loved and stuff I hated. There was so much of both. I’m so glad for this movie and I can’t wait for the next one, but I didn’t leave The Force Awakens missing the old movies as much as I did when I left this one.

    But for the moment, I just want to bask.

  4. WheelchairNinja the SpeedDemon says:

    Star Wars?

    StarWars. StarWars. StarWars. StarWars.

    STAR WARS!!!!!!!!

    • WheelchairNinja the SpeedDemon says:

      OK, finally saw the movie. Wow, does anybody else feel like they basically wrapped up the entire series? I mean they either tied up or completely dropped so many plot threads there’s nothing left, especially with Carrie Fisher gone. How did Maz get Luke’s saber? Who is Snoke? Who cares, doesn’t matter. Rey’s parents? Dead junk traders, with no explanation as to how she could use the force with zero training in TFA. The First Order and the Resistance? Both down to a handful of people. How awesome are Captain Phasma and BB-H8? Yeah, they’ve both got Boba Fett syndrome—which makes twice for Fettsma. We repeat the Empire Strikes Back timeline thing with Rey hanging out with Luke for days and weeks, but the Resistance having only hours of fuel left. Clearly they meant each film to focus on, and likely feature the death of, one member of the original trio, but unless they recast (which I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with, seeing as there are a ton of awesome sci-fi ladies Carrie’s age like Linda Hamilton and Mary McDonnell) that plan’s shot.

      That’s not to say I didn’t like it. On the contrary, it was so much better than both TFA and R1. I loved the opening battle with Rose’s sister, and Admiral “I Don’t Care If We’re In The Middle Of A War, I’m Still Going To Take The Time To Maintain A Fabulous Head Of Pastel-Colored Hair” being ultimately a hero when they could have easily made her a stock inept bureaucrat. Yoda’s appearance was spoiled for me this morning, but it was still great to see him, especially since I think from the credits that he was a puppet again.

      But yeah. When Force Awakens ended I was desperate to see what happens next and to learn answers. Now? I feel like we had a good conclusion, and I’m not sure what’s left for Episode IX.

      • To your overall point, I see a completely different meaning.

        The Force Awakens felt like, “Hey, kids! Remember Star Wars? Well, it’s back again, but it’s it like the GOOD MOVIES this time (EXACTLY like them, actually), and filled with all the things you Millennials care about!”

        And now The Last Jedi is saying, “Hey, kids! Remember all that stuff you loved? Well, we loved it, too. We did. Here’s a SECOND movie showing you how much we get it and how much we love it. But it’s time to move on. So, here’s a new set of characters with a familiar but different dynamic, engaged in a familiar but different conflict. Star Wars is going to continue, but we’re not going to be looking back so much. But we get it: that stuff was great, but this new stuff is good, too.”