All the Clips of All the Ghostbusters Getting Together in Pure Joy and Love


Yesterday the original Ghostbusters cast joined with the new on Jimmy Kimmel Live to celebrate Ghostbusters Day and tell us all about their feelings for each other and filming.

And Ray Parker Jr. stopped by to perform the theme song and everybody danced and it was a fabulous time!

There’s a new (longer) clip from the movie until 40 seconds in on this one if you’re trying to go in fresh.

Here they are briefly discussing the hate they’ve received.

Leslie Jones talking about her ideal man.

Another clip here until 30 seconds in then talking about the secrecy of filming.

The original crew…

And then well, this happened…

4 Responses to “All the Clips of All the Ghostbusters Getting Together in Pure Joy and Love”

  1. Howard_Bannister says:

    Honestly, I am such a huge fan of Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. The three of them together have so much built up goodwill with me that I’d be willing to do this even if it looked like a trainwreck. (still not seeing any of this looking like a trainwreck, despite the many people who have assured me it looks like one)

    I am super-psyched for this movie already. Hype levels too damn high.

  2. That Which Dreams says:

    There’s also the individual character portraits on Youtube. Here’s Kate McKinnon’s.