Amber Heard’s Mera Is Perfect


Zack Snyder’s Justice League will not just feature Aquaman but his comic book counterpart, Mera. The first look at Amber Heard’s costume has been released and it’s stunning. had the exclusive reveal of Mera’s first costumed image as well as some concept art. Snyder himself took the production photo and it’s gloomy as heck, as usual. Here’s a brighter look.

The costume was designed by Michael Wilkinson and I’m very interested to see how it moves. While it’s got an armored look it also looks really flexible. Heard will first play Mera in Justice League but go on to have a larger role in Aquaman starring Jason Momoa.

6 Responses to “Amber Heard’s Mera Is Perfect”

  1. Naomi Almaz says:

    It looks so good! I love the texture these superhero costumes have been getting, it makes them look more real and not just flat and boring Halloween costumes with a budget. I love how the crown looks on her head too; the fit is fantastic. They didn’t just say “put scales on it” and phone it in and it shows.

  2. […] In addition to the Wonder Woman wardrobe, WB had Harley Quinn’s & Deadshot’s Suicide Squad outfits on display at NYCC as the Goofus & Gallant of adapting costumes. Too bad they didn’t also have the spectacular Mera costume. […]

  3. I really want to be excited, but Snyder.

  4. Ugh, no, that excessively patterned music video costume is definitely in the vein of the Murderverse. I like Heard, but she’s wasted on this universe. When Momoa says he listens to Death Metal while prepping for scenes… I think that should tell us all what to expect.

  5. Need action figure!

  6. MtBlackBear says:

    Despite the boob armor, I’m just really happy that she’s more covered than Aquaman is. It would’ve been really easy for them to give her a battle bikini.