Artist Depicts Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley in Fan-tastic Rey-a-Day Portraits


Artist Michael Firman has started a project that may not ever stop. I’m totally ok with that considering the project consists of him drawing Daisy Ridley’s Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in a variety of fun scenarios.

I reached out for permission to post these and asked Firman if he was planning on doing a specific number of them (he’s currently up to 67 Rey-Day images!) and he told me no, “Impulsively began, now continuing on to see what absurd number I can get to. I’m surprised folks can bear it all.”

Originally I was all set to choose five images to feature and then…I couldn’t stop picking favorites so you get 16. But you can check them all out (and keep up with new additions) on Firman’s Twitter. I’ll also provide indivudual links to these in case you’d like to RT directly.

The top pic is Rey-a-Day 67: Junkyard Princess. I would like to cosplay this immediately.


rey-a-day 66 some kind of block rey I dunno


rey-a-day 61: it’s raining reys


Rey-a-Day 58: Either Sith Rey or just Rey in dark garb


Rey-a-Day 57, though it would have been better if I had thought of it for 52


Rey-a-Day 45


Rey-a-Day 42


Rey-a-Day 38 ahead of time because I’m gone for the weekend. Will have to catch up after!


Rey-a-Day 29 Happy Star Wars Day


Rey-a-Day 26: Visiting Hoth


Rey-a-Day #24: Renegades of Junk


Go! Reychu!


Rey-a-Day 15: superfluous art of that photo where @HamillHimself & Daisy are trying to sneak into an R-rated movie [Editor’s Note: Check out the original, adorable shot here!]


Rebel pilot Rey


the ol’ tribun


This one was from April 10th and captioned, “how many rey drawings is too many rey drawings?” Answer: No such number exists. Keep up the great work!

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  1. wondercube says:

    These are awesome!