BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Lead Designer Promises to Outdo First

Lead Narrative Designer on Batman: Arkham City, Paul Crocker, had a very exciting week at Comic-Con International. He got the chance to see thousands of Batman fans watch new trailers and gameplay from the forthcoming sequel to Arkham Asylum in person. As if the anticipation wasn’t enough, this may have pushed it over the edge.

Developed once again by Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham City continues the story from the first game while expanding it in both breadth and depth. Newsarama took a few minutes to speak with Crocker in the DC booth at Comic-Con, where the viewings were taking place, about the expansive new arena for the Dark Knight to play in, new characters appearing in-game and where the team goes from here.

Head on over to Newsarama to read the interview, I’m so excited for this game I can’t even contain myself. Fun behind-the-scenes note about this interview, I conducted in while in my Lashina costume at the con. Luckily Crocker was still able to take me seriously. :)

3 Responses to “BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Lead Designer Promises to Outdo First”

  1. Ed Z. says:

    I've only missed two SDCCs in the last 20 years, and the Lashina costume alone made me regret missing this one! (Not Internet creepy guy – I totally have a girlfriend who likes comics and everything, I swear). I didn't realize someone could pull of that costume so well and STILL somehow look cute as a button, too! And that's at least two cosplays with whip-using dominatrix-y characters, Ms. Pantozzi – are you trying to tell us something?

    I'm sorry for the somewhat sexist fact that I'm finally commenting on your blog and it's about wearing a hot costume rather than your excellent writing (which, as a barely-pro writer, editor, and English teacher, I very much appreciate, trust me). But even at my nerdiest, I never thought I'd see a group cosplay of something so awesomely obscure (and I'm the one who wore a Jack Knight Starman costume in a 4th of July parade for the comic store I work at, knowing full well I'd, at best, get called "Aquaman" a few times…).

    Clever and grammatically correct writing, cosplaying Catwoman and Lashina and Batgirl because she WANTS to, not the least bit worried about being identified as a "nerd" even before it became "hip" – if I wasn't happily attached, you'd be rejecting my creepy Internet marriage proposals in a heartbeat.

    In a time where the economy is tough enough that nobody pays editors so their writing has fewer grammar crimes than a Bendis script (I love the guy, but he can't spell to save his life!), your writing is beacon of hope for us all. And it would've been so much easier to get through high school/early college if I knew it woud be possible to meet women like you and not have to hide my vast comic collection! Bless you!

  2. CDerosby says:

    Amber if you ever get the chance to play either this game or its predecessor, do so. The original was an amazing game and experience and it's looking like the sequel will do just what the title says.

  3. Amber Love says:

    Can someone please tell me why every Catwoman image this year is her upside down with her boobs hanging out? *sigh*

    It's great you got to expand from the comics specifically into the games. I still have never seen them. The screen shots look beautiful.