Batman coming to a town near you!

Who among us hasn’t wished that our city had it’s very own Batman? You may be closer to that reality than you think. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Batman stage show is in the works. Should you start practicing your Batusi now?

Not so fast. “The show is neither a musical nor a Broadway-bound theatrical production but rather an elaborate arena production aimed at kids and families,” says THR. Kids? Hell, I’m gonna be the first in line. Stan Berkowitz and Alan Burnett, writers for countless DC animated properties, will be developing the script for the show which will feature “numerous villains.”

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are working with Nick Grace Management and Water Lane Prods. (the companies who gave us “Walking With Dinosaurs”) to create what will likely be a very elaborate show. “No timeline for the ‘Batman’ show is set, though one scenario involves aiming to come out after Christopher Nolan’s third ‘Batman’ movie in 2012. Another scenario has it opening in 2011.”

Considering the struggling Spider-Man musical, do you think this show will ever get off the ground? Would you go see it?

7 Responses to “Batman coming to a town near you!”

  1. Randy says:

    Can't wait to see the musical scene with Joe Chill busting into song as he guns down Thomas and Martha Wayne.

    You wouldn't see THAT on Sesame Street Live!

  2. Dave Mackey says:

    There was a Superman musical, called "It's a Bird, It's a Plane", which had songs by the team that went on to write the songs for "Annie". It was adapted as an ABC late night special that aired in '75 which featured David Wilson as Supes/Clark and Allen Ludden (then hosting "Password" for the network) as Perry White.

  3. The Exile says:

    I have a vague memory from the early 70's of just such a show.

    I remember it using the costumes of the 60's Batman show too.

    Have no idea if it was real or not tho

  4. This will likely be more like seeing Sesame Street Live or some other all-ages stage show like that in arenas. About ten years ago there was The Spider-Man stunt show, with a Spider-Man actor swinging off of cables and fighting villians on stage, things like that. This Batman show will probably be in the same vein.

  5. Nblsavage says:

    If you're wondering what a Batman musical would look like, look no further than the first few minutes of the "Batman Beyond" episode "Out Of The Past" :)

  6. Alan Kistler says:

    I actually would be more inclined to see a Batman musical or stage show than a Spider-Man or Superman one. Since Batman is demonic and operatic in his appearance, and since many of his enemies are colorful psychopaths rather than beings with mechanical tentacles or flying gliders or electrical abilities, you could really play with a dark, gothic stage environment. Or you could ruin it easily and make something that rivals the tragic CARRIE musical.

  7. Carl says:

    Visions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on tour dance in my head…