The Batman

Yes, I saw The Dark Knight this weekend. Yes, it was amazing. No, I am not prepared to review it yet.

In the meantime you can keep up-to-date on it’s record-breaking momentum on ($158,411,483 and counting). You could also check out this snazzy Batman gallery, put together by the NY Daily News, where I snagged this outstanding photo of The Batman in action.

3 Responses to “The Batman”

  1. Elyse says:

    There’s an IMAX across the street from where I am moving beginning of August. I can’t wait to see it again but in IMAX!

  2. Completely understandable. Though, when you do, I suggest going all-out and doing the IMAX. I haven’t seen it on there yet but I hear it’s spectacular.

  3. GeekBoy says:

    Hm. Christian Bale filled out the costume so much better in the first movie. :)

    Sadly, I haven’t seen it yet. Eventually. I’m kind of intimidated by the frenzied crowds at this point, and might let it die down a bit before take the plunge.