[UPDATED] Bloody New American Gods Trailer Shows Off More Characters. Still No Gillian Anderson.

Starz has released a very bloody new trailer for Bryan Fuller’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. We see a lot more here but still no Gillian Anderson!

Anderson is playing Media in the series and so far this is the only look we’ve gotten is this…

…and this.

I’m dying to see her in action! However, American Gods is chock–full of amazing actors: Ian McShane, Orlando Jones, Emily Browning, Crispin Glover, Cloris Leachman, Peter Stormare, and Kristin Chenoweth just to name a few. Can I just say, clean Ricky Whittle is so weird to me. I’m used to seeing him covered in grime on The 100.

In case you’ve missed it, the official Instagram of the series has been producing short character teasers lately.

“Family is who you survive with when you need to survive. Even if you do not like them.” #AmericanGods #STARZ

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They’re also doing that connecting images thing I recently saw the Harry Potter Instagram doing.

The crew was at SXSW recently and they posted their panel online if you’re interested.

The eight-episode first season of American Gods is set to premiere on April 30, 2017 on Starz.

[UPDATE] Bryan Fuller dropped this very interesting tease on Twitter…

Looks like Gillian Anderson will be getting a slew of looks for the series. Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie (?), Lucille Ball, and ?

4 Responses to “[UPDATED] Bloody New American Gods Trailer Shows Off More Characters. Still No Gillian Anderson.”

  1. VindicaSean says:

    I have had a decades-spanning crush on Gillian Anderson because of Agent Scully, and everything she is in, she is wonderful in. Watching her go all-out in a Gaiman-birthed property is just icing on the damn cake AND I WANT THE CAKE NOW DAMMIT.

  2. Zatar says:

    Ian Mcshane is pretty perfect as Mr Wendsday in this trailer. He really captures the trickster and old Con artist side to the character but theirs hints of a warrior king.

    Ricky Wittle looks good for the role. Its not necessarily as to tel;l with him though because he’s a lot more quite then the other characters.

    So Technical boy is really different from the books because the way we interact with technology and the internet in particular has already changed so much between when the book was made and now. I think that that’s oddly appropriate for the ways that the old gods represent a new status quo.

    I think its interesting that they chose to give us footage of Easter before Media, since media’s a much more prominent character in the Novel. Ether way Kristin Chenoweth looks like she’s doing a great job in the role. I wonder if this means she’ll get an expanded role in this version?

    Zorya is only in for a brief amount of time but she and her children look how I imagined her.

    Mr Nancy looks different then I imagined him but apparently I’m the only one who imagined him a bit more on the round side so whatcha gona do? Either way the few seconds of him in the trailer look cool.

    I honestly wondered if they were even going to use Bilquis. I guess THAT scene is in this version. I’m honestly curious to see if they leave her with just the Quasi short story’s she was in in the original book or if we’ll be seeing more of her.