Bombshell Aquaman, Vixen, Animated Series, and More DC Collectibles Revealed at SDCC


DC Comics just revealed a whole slew of new collectibles at San Diego Comic-Con including Vixen and Jax from The CW superhero shows and a Bombshell Aquaman you don’t want to miss.

Above is the DC Designer Series by Ant Lucia DC Bombshells Batwoman action figure. They’ve also got Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy. Here’s the Harley Quinn version.


“Fans have been asking for Bombshells action figures for quite a while, and we’re thrilled to introduce this new line in 2017” said Kevin Kiniry, vice president of DC Collectibles at DC Entertainment. “What started as a mere statue line has exploded into a pop culture phenomenon and it’s really exciting to see our Bombshells character designs transcend into comics, clothing and other merchandise. We’re offering fans another reason to love Bombshells with these new action figures that will allow for more fun and interactive experiences.”


Here’s a few DC TV figures. Constantine’s face is a pretty good likeness of Matt Ryan if you ask me.


Here’s Legends of Tomorrow’s Firestorm and Arrow’s Vixen.


Superman & Lois Two-Pack from the 90’s Superman: The Animated Series.


The New Adventures Of Batman: Catwoman.


Possibly my new favorite thing – Batman: The Animated Series: Batman Expressions Pack! LOOK AT THOSE FACES!!


You know the [Editor’s Note: affiliate link] Mera Bombshells statue? Well here’s DC’s first male standalone statue – Bombshell Aquaman!


And a new Flash, a.k.a. Jessie Quick, Bombshell statue.


Starfire by Amanda Conner


Suicide Squad – Katana


Blue Beetle & Booster Gold Two-Pack


A more retro Catwoman.


And finally, a really neat looking Shazam! action figure.


You can see all of these and more at

3 Responses to “Bombshell Aquaman, Vixen, Animated Series, and More DC Collectibles Revealed at SDCC”

  1. lev36 says:

    Well done! And blond sailor boy Aquaman is great cheesecake/beefcake (hm, would that make it a Philly?).

    But the promos of Jason Momoa have already made me forget any of Aquaman’s other looks. Unf.

  2. SpottedSeaJelly says:

    I’d never heard of Jessie Quick before, but I love how the bombshell statue of her has a very Lucille Ball kind of vibe going on.

  3. Where’s Speedy’s action figure?
    I love the deranged look on Bombshells Wonder Woman’s face! Its manic joy is the anti-grimdark. Now this is a Wonder Woman that should be played by Abbi Jacobson!