Casting Myself

“Who would play you in the movie of your life?” You have no idea how many times I’ve been asked that, and frankly, it bores the hell out of me. Mostly because my life is pretty boring and I like movies where stuff actually happens. So when I got asked an all-new question tonight, I was very excited to answer it. The question, posed by MightyGeek one of my twitter followers, was: If you were to star in any “comic book to movie” translation, which one would it be, and what role would you have? Now we’re talkin’. Of course I couldn’t pick just one. Here were the first four that came to mind.

Fables – Rose Red: They’re already making a Fables TV show so now’s my chance to convince them I can play the wild-child sister of Snow White. She’s a trouble maker for sure but she’s got a good heart and I think she’d be a lot of fun to play.

Locke & Key – Kinsey Locke: This one has already been optioned for a film and they better do it justice. Joe Hill’s horror story is one of the best comics I’ve ever read. The characters are all very complicated and the family’s teenage daughter Kinsey is no exception. To look at her you’d think rebel but she’s actually the quiet one. And damn do I love her sense of style. I’d love the challenge of taking on this role.

Batman (theoretically) – Harley Quinn: Who doesn’t love Harley Quinn? Ever since the days of Batman: The Animated Series I’ve been obsessed with this gal and her obsession with the Joker. And there’s almost no girl out there who hasn’t. Look around. Harley is one of the most popular characters to cosplay. Even non-comic readers love her. She’s a criminal yet kooky, charming and adorable. I may not have her acrobatic skills but hey, that’s what second unit is for.

Green Lantern – Laira: My final choice was to play Laira as either a Green OR Red Lantern. Either one would be wicked. She’s got more than a few chips on her shoulder and could make a very interesting addition to the Green Lantern movie or one of it’s sequels. Plus, I’ve basically got the costume already.

There’s tons more I’d like to play but these are a few I believe I’m actually capable of playing. Now I ask you for your opinion dear readers? Which comic book character could you see me playing in an adaptation and in turn, which character could you see yourself playing?

7 Responses to “Casting Myself”

  1. Yeah Wes, Copper would be a lot of fun.

    John I would TOTALLY try on the harness.

    Beth, it's not even that they need an older version, they just need someone who lookes like a woman rather than a girl. Rogue is a busty southern belle, you could totally pull it off. :)

    Mera would be awesome too Randy.

    Adam, nice choices. I don't think I can pull of the accent but maybe with some practice or a coach. :)

  2. Randy says:

    There is a certain red-haired DCU lady you overlooked that I think would be up your alley. She was also recently a Red Lantern. I think you would make a terrific Mera.

    As for me, I don't think I could do anybody justice other than a Snapper Carr. Or maybe Doiby Dickles. I think I would rather go the voice-over route for an animated movie.

    Hey, my word verification is 'thebat'!

  3. Amber Love says:

    That is a great question. I'd love to play Rogue. Sure, they got some Oscar winning young pretty actress to do it, but hell, I could do an older version. And seriously, Sue Storm was miscast from the beginning. I think I got that going on. For something that hasn't been done, I'd love to voice a Tiny Titan but I don't think I sound "cute" enough.

  4. PS… Plus as Zatanna you'd have to memorize lines backwards. And I think with your commanding voice on the radio you'd nail it.

  5. Great choices Jill. I love the comment for Harley about, "that's what second unit is for." But in all honesty you know you'd have to try on the harness for some of the Hong Kong style wire works. It'd be a lot of fun. Why not Zatanna? You love the character. And it would test your mettle as a thespian.
    As for me, I would love to play one of my early comic book reading heroes, Dick Grayson. Either as Nightwing or when he took on the mantle of Batman. As for really pushing myself in a mental capacity, I have an affinity for Omega Red and the Joker. But I guess I could play Marvel's version of Batman, Moon Knight. I think I could do heroic with a side of crazy pretty well. But if I did play the Joker, I would enjoy having you as Puddin'.

  6. Wes says:

    I still think you'd make a mean Metal (Wo)Man a la Platinum or Copper. Then again, I'm kind of a Metal Men elitist and think they're severely underplayed in the comic scene. WE NEED MORE METAL MEN! I DEMAND A DEDICATED SERIES! *writes an angry letter to DC*