Catch Up on My Latest HitFix Articles and Videos!


On this Labor Day, why not catch up on my latest articles on HitFix. Fun fan trailers, Star Wars feelings, talking Westworld and more!

I’m working today but also thinking back to Labor Days past spent at the Jerry Lewis Labor Day MDA Telethon to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy. While the show may be no more, MDA continues their search for a cure and provides services to those who need them. Volunteers are still out in force this weekend raising money. Check out their “Show of Strength” campaign where your gift can be matched dollar-for-dollar.

Ok, back to business! Here’s my latest HitFix articles:

And She Said, She Said videos:

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3 Responses to “Catch Up on My Latest HitFix Articles and Videos!”

  1. Aeryl says:

    In Re Tom Holland: I’d rather actors do that, then you know, send dead animals to their castmembers.

    It apparently made the rounds last week that the scene in Suicide Squad where Harley runs up the walls and across the ceiling of the elevator was done totally by Margot Robbie with NO WIRES. She trained for months to do that scene. But all we heard about was Leto’s antics. I’m sure there is an astute observation about how hard women have to work to get the same recognition as men in there somewhere, I just don’t feel like finding it.