Comic Book Review: Doctor Who – Time Machinations

If it feels like forever until the next episode of Doctor Who airs, I’ve got just the prescription.

I’m a simple girl – I like sci-fi, I read comic books. So what’s a girl to do when one of her favorite sci-fi shows goes on hiatus? Pick up the comic book equivalent of course! IDW has you covered with their Doctor Who Classics series, featuring reprints of comic strips about the Fourth Doctor, and Doctor Who, featuring new original stories with the current 10th Doctor. What’s great about the Doctor Who: Time Machinations one-shot is fans get a little of both and then some!

Continue reading my review of the latest issue of Doctor Who from IDW at the Girls Entertainment Network.

2 Responses to “Comic Book Review: Doctor Who – Time Machinations”

  1. Nope, prescription…because he's a Doctor and we need something to "cure" our obsession. :)

  2. curtis says:

    Don't you mean that you have the "subscription"? Unless you feel that Dr. Who is a drug and you are addicted to it and you are trying to have us believe that you have a prescription for it….