Comic-Con Official: Your Live-Action Captain Marvel Is Brie Larson


Captain Marvel will be released March 8, 2019 and we finally know who’s playing lead character Carol Danvers – Brie Larson.

Brie Larson was previously rumored for the role with directors Niki Caro and Jennifer Kent rumored for the big chair, although I’d also heard Emily Carmichael was in the running as well.

Marvel did not reveal the director at their very bloated Hall H panel, however. I’ll keep you up to date. You can check out a bit more I wrote up for HitFix.

In case you missed it, Danai Gurira also joined the MCU tonight.

3 Responses to “Comic-Con Official: Your Live-Action Captain Marvel Is Brie Larson”

  1. She’ll be older when Captain Marvel comes out than Hemsworth, ScarJo, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olson, Tom Holland were when their first Marvel movies came out. She’s 26 now and will be more than formidable in her own right, I’m sure. Let’s wait to accuse the MCU of mansplaining to her about how to be super until it happens, hmm? It sure as heck wasn’t done to Black Widow, so I’m not too worried about that happening. Also, damn, I had no idea Boseman and Mackie are as old as they are.

  2. Evelyn Starshine says:

    Just in case you were worried we might treat the character with respect and show her as an equal to the male heroes, we’re pleased to announce
    Captain Marvel: The Early Years
    don’t worry, she’ll have alot to learn from Cap and the boys about how to be a real hero like them!

    • bandit_queen says:

      Alternatively, this will be followed up by an announcement that they’ve pushed her movie back again. By 10-15 years.