David Tennant Features in New Jessica Jones Promo Shots


Marvel has released a very comic book-inspired poster for the upcoming Jessica Jones featuring their Purple Man, David Tennant. The actor also features in a new still thanks to Netflix’s landing page.

/Film notes something very interesting about the poster:

Although he’s not credited on the poster, the art looks very much like that of acclaimed comic book artist David Mack. That would make sense, as Mack provided the covers for Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Gaydos’ Alias, the Marvel series from which Jessica Jones is taking much of its inspiration. Either they commissioned Mack to create this thing (and we’ll update with confirmation if so) or they really borrowed/ripped-off his style.

Meanwhile, Marvel has also released a new brief synopsis of the series via the series’ page on Netflix, “Haunted by a traumatic past, Jessica Jones uses her gifts as a private eye to find her tormentor before he can harm anyone else in Hell’s Kitchen.” That’s also where this new still comes from.


Comic Book Resources reported on Daredevil and Jessica Jones costume designer Stephanie Maslansky speaking at the “Women of Marvel” panel at New York Comic Con:

‘Working with David Tennant was just a dream come true. The whole process is so collaborative; each actor brings something to the process. David in particular — his character is menacing and evil, and as much as he needed to convey the purpleness of his character in the comics… if I had designed all of his costumes to be purple, he would have been a joke… We made sure we didn’t go over the top with the color purple, incorporating maroons and navy, looks that were distinctive. He would put on his clothes and really transform.

‘I was really fortunate because David is a slim guy… We found so many suits and so many ties that had a mention of the color. We felt a wide variety of colors that conveyed the menace of his character,’ she concluded.

Tennant, probably most loved thanks to his time on Doctor Who, has played villains before but something tells me his turn as the super creep Purple Man is going to freak a lot of people out.

If you’ve missed the latest trailer for Jessica Jones, take a look at Krysten Ritter being totally badass.