Disney Princesses get a superhero makeover.

Sometimes the best stuff comes out of being up late (I should know, I’m a night owl). Take for example the 2 a.m. doodlings of deviantart member kreugan wherein ball-gown-wearing Disney princesses are transformed into chic superheroines.

Pretty sweet, right? Sleeping Beauty (aka Aurora) could totally be a member of the Legion and Tiana looks like she could give Poison Ivy a run for her money. Mulan was already a fighter of course but she’s got a cool Katana thing going on now. I’d loved to have seen this kicked up a notch. Then again, so would have the artist apparently.

“I initially said I would continue to add the rest of the princesses, but that probably won’t be happening. I’m sorry if I haven’t gotten to your favorite princess yet! The truth is it was a random 2am whim and isn’t my usual thing,” said kreugan on the images web page, “While I am incredibly grateful for all of the kind words and that people get a kick out of this, it is a bit strange to get so much attention for something so random! Sort of wish I’d put more time into it now, haha.”

Kreugan has some other genre work on deviant art including Harry Potter, Supernatural and an illustrated set of Marvel Masterpieces III. “I had a blast doing these, but I do have one HUUUGE regret – I really wish I had done more with them. Time ended up being a bigger issue than expected, so unfortunately they are all very simple and quick.” I think the lesson learned from all the publicity is simple: people like what you’re doing kreugan, do more!

5 Responses to “Disney Princesses get a superhero makeover.”

  1. Rey says:

    I'm sorry, but in all honesty…is it so hard to make an Indian superhero? I know that this is about Disney princesses and all,but it's really disturbing…feck it.

  2. Okie says:

    Those are fabulous! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Budd says:

    Mulan for the win!

  4. Ashley says:

    These are really cool. Cosplay group idea. ;)

  5. DarkTouch says:

    I highly recommend Jim C. Hine's Princess series for something similar. It is more Charlies Angels than Superheros in tone.. but the girls do have Superpowers.