Disney Releases That Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Sneak Peek

A leaked image from Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast had been making its rounds online recently but now they’ve gone and released the blu-ray extra it came from for us all to see.

We’ve previously seen a teaser trailer for the Bill Condon film starring Emma Waston and Dan Stevens in the lead roles (that did very well online). But this new featurette comes from the 25th Anniversary Edition of the original animated film.

We don’t see a ton, part of a table read where we get a glimpse of chemistry between the two actors (with house objects in the center of everyone) some transitions from animated to live-action (but only for sets) and of course that one image of Cogsworth and Lumière which I find incredibly adorable.

What do you think?

4 Responses to “Disney Releases That Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Sneak Peek”

  1. Alan Izar says:

    I mean, it was just a table read so it may change, but it maybe that I am used so much to see British pronunciation used as code for aristocratic that I felt Belle sounded, well, aristocratic?

    I mean, she’s supposed to be a peasant. Highly educated due to the amount of reading she’s done, but her accent should be a bit less… Posh?

    At least she’s not faking a French accent tho, gotta admit that =P

  2. Wheelchair says:

    Medieval Nerd nitpick: The “romance” in Arthurian Romance means a medieval story based on legend, not a love story.

    (Plus I’d say the story of Lancelot and Guinevere is more of a cautionary tale of how an entire kingdom can be destroyed when one guy thinks with his little head instead of his big head, but that’s just me. ;) )

    • Barrie J Rosen says:

      Also, the romance, Lancelot, etc, was added in later by the French and had nothing to do with the original Gaelic tales that were mostly about war, battles, stealing other men’s wives and cattle, and magical goings-ons. But yeah, Lancelot and Gwen were a bad example for future generations and a perfect example of how the French mess everything up. :D

    • I choose to take the statement as “Arthur is in love with the round table.” :)